Installing a used Meyer plow, any tips?


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New England
I am just beging to install a used meyer E-47 plow on my older 1989 Dodge 3/4 ton truck. I had to rebuild the lectric motor the commutator cap was cracked and what a pain the brushes were to hold down. The fram went on fine but the wireing is a head scratcher for this carpenter. If anyone can provide insight, diagrams, or hints It will save me and my family sleepless nights and maybe I will be ready for the New England winter. I think the old wireing was faulty because the wires are cut and spliced all over. I did order a new harness for the motor and I have the toggle controls.
Thanks to anyone who can assist.

next time you need to remove the brushes in that motor you can use a gm window handle tool to hold them down it works very good(the tool is originally used to remove clip that holds handle to the regulator)


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I have made harnesses before but the best bet is just to buy a new harness from a Meyer dealer. Only costs like $40. If you wanted to you could update to a joystick for a little more money. The new harness and a diagram will make hookup easy.


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If you call Meyer,they will send you the service manual for free.There's a guy on ebay selling them for 15-20 dollars.figure that out when the manual says it's $4.