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Instachain or onspot-which is better


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I have a 1999 F350 PSD dump and I plan to install automatic chains. Of the two brands Instachain and Onspot which is the better one? Why?

Boy I wish I had either one tonight. Area dirt roads are nothing but a sheet of ice... with the usual passenger cars and their allseason tires!!


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First off they are well under 2k for the system. The other thing, is time, one switch they are on or off. Good section of raod, travel at whatever speed is safe. When you need them just switch them on. No 1/2 hour to chain up or down.
As far as what brand is better, I believe they are comparable, so which ever units you have better dealer network for.


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Thanks for the replies.

Dino, you hit it...time and ease of use. Also you hit the price-$1500 installed.

Geof, aware of speed limits-thanks.

For me time is very important. I must travel over paved clear rooads to many remote locations and plow up to 1-2 miles of"driveway." Can't be putting chains on and taking them off dozens of time in a storm.