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Insta Act plow motor

Discussion in 'Fisher Engineering Discussion' started by Mayosnowfish, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. Mayosnowfish

    Mayosnowfish Junior Member
    Messages: 12

    At the end of my last snow event I was helping a freind finish plowing his townhome account and right at the last pass I get the dreaded CLICK......CLICK......CLICK of the solinoid and no pump response. I am thinking .....GREAT.... :angry: put the plow up on the saftey chain and headed home to check it out. I proceeded to pull the motor and ran it down to a local shop that rebuilds Alts, Starters and Motors. Usually I can sit and wait for the repair and be on my way but was late in the day and decided to let him do it the next day. The shop calls me the next day and tells me he cant get the parts from BOSCH to repair my motor and he had nothing in stock to replace it. The closest Fisher Dealer is 95 miles away and I have another snow on the way. We have a Farm Supply Store that sells a few plow parts and I remembered seeing a few motors on the shelf. What I found was not for the Fisher Insta Act but rather a 2 pole Western Plow motor with a alluminum mounting base that looked similar in size to my Fisher. Paid the $98 for the motor and took it back to the shop and pulled the base off and dropped the unit on the Insta Act pump base wired it back up and headed out plowing. :redbounce

    I thought the rest of you might find this useful when you need to replace your plow motor; you just might save yourself a few bucks.:waving: