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Inquiring Minds.........Beginner needs info

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by PMAK1998, Aug 19, 2003.

  1. PMAK1998

    PMAK1998 Junior Member
    Messages: 5

    Hello Everyone,

    This looks like a very COOL site. Let me start my SAGA......

    I'm not really NEW to plowing, but it's been 10+ years since I used to plow snow for others.................

    I recently purchased a 1979 IH SCOUT II, that has a plow (minus all hydraulics). It really is a project, but I thought I would get it road worthy, THROUGH ON A PUMP (Easy huh......), drive around with the top off all summer......Then plow my driveway and my mother-in-law's as needed.

    Well, that got boring fast.......Did minimal work to it and through it back onto e-bay again. This time I got a high bid of 3 times what I paid for it.............NICE HUH........

    The KID comes to pick it up........"Oh it needs more work than I thought, I don't want it"..............

    I said, it's an auction pal...........FORGET IT.

    Now I'm back to the "LET'S get it plow ready" stage again.

    Here's what I know:

    1979 SCOUT II, 304 v8
    It has the Plow Myers ST-84, the frame to hook it up to, the plow lights and the controls. All it's missing ARE ALL OF THE HYDRAULICS. The truck is a rust bucket, but it's cool. The plow shows sign of rust as well.

    What I'm looking for is Opinions of EXPERIENCE plow FOLKS. Right now I'm torn between:

    1. Do I hunt around for a used pump, rams and hydraulics (So far unsuccessful at finding local places - East Stroudsburg, PA 18301)or
    2. Just get a whole new Myers set-up (Actually USED) . I'm assuming that my existing frame should allow the mounting of another MYERS plow.
    3. Not too sure about Myers now, with some of the forums I've read. Or do I get a whole OTHER system
    4. Scrap the entire idea and sell the SCOUT, and dig out the snow blower.

    I really don't need a truck and a plow, but it's a nice toy and maybe someday it could get restored.....Who Know..........

    Right now, the truck isn't even road worthy. You need to give it a shot of starting fluid to get it to start, and it needs brake work....(Low Soft Pedal)

    Now that I've babbled on, I am seeking opinions, Good, Bad, Right or Wrong.

    Thanks in advance for your input............