Input on JD Blowers

Local dealer is clearing out John Deere single stage blowers.He has a few leftover discontinued models at at really good price.Was considering purchasing a few.

Model is 721 - single stage two stroke

Anyone has any feedback on this particular machine ?


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If its the two stroke single stage unit, I would stay away. I had one a few years ago and when it would start, it clogged every 2 feet. They are made by MTD, and are not very good IMO
That's all I needed to hear.Maybe why the are discontinuing them.

I'm suprised they are made by MTD,they don't look at all like them.They look more like a Toro,wasn't quite sure.We have a bunch of MTD's now,and they are OK.Best thing is we can pick up new ones every year or two really cheap in the early spring when Wally World clears them out

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almost every single stage blower i see in the back of plow trucks around here is hondas. i guess they are good? i have a simplicity 2 stage 9hp that i use on sidewalks and stuff after the storm is over. that thing moves some snow!

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