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    I am beginning my research for a snow plow setup for my 2008 Ram 4500 truck. This will basically be for next winter (2011/2012). I need recommendations for what is appropriate for my truck and my applicaton.

    The truck: 2008 Ram 4500 4X4 diesel 6-speed manual with 11' dump.
    Usage: Approx 12-15 driveways (1 being 1200' long others in the 90 - 120' range). Eventually moving on to bigger and better with experience down the road.

    I am looking at at straight blade for the truck since I believe the less moving parts, the less to go wrong.

    My questions: Would a 9' blade be appropriate or a 10' blade?
    Would Timbrens be necessary or a nice option on the front?
    Trip edge or full trip (most driveways I would do are gravel).

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.

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    If you are dead set on a straight blade I'd get a 9footer. You can add wings to it if you want, but just pushing driveways its not needed. I wouldn't go any smaller than 9 foot. Also I would get timberns. Its a pretty big truck for driveways but it can be done. If you are thinking of getting some parking lots in the next year or so I would go with a 9'2'' VXT with wings.
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    Hey Fat cat, i worked at a huge LCO around me before i started my thing so I'll tell you what they had and what worked the best IMO. They do mostly commercial but some residential. They had F-450's and 550's and they mostly had Western 9' stright blades, some with wings and some not. I drove one out of the two trucks that had the Western Wideout and they were great. Going from place to place it was 8' so you it wasn't hanging outside the trucks width so you really didn't have to keep an eye on it 100% of the time...then when I got to the places it became a 10' plow which cut a TON of time off. And when I needed it I put it into scoop mode and it was 9' wide and carried a rediculous amout of snow. 3 trucks did have 9.5' V-Blades and for long driveways they were used, and the guys liked them a lot. I'm a fisher guy my self and all I used before that were Westerns at this company, but BOSS makes one hell of a plow and built like a brick s**t house. Im thinking about the Fisher XLS (Western Wideout) for my trucks because I really really like them when i used them at that company. I hope this help you. :salute:
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    I used to think that the less parts the better too, but I've since come to learn that "the less parts the less money."

    If you want to be productive, make money, move a TON of snow, and save time, the only solution is a Blizzard 8611 PowerPlow. Add wings to the power wings and you can move some SERIOUS snow.
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    Folks, thank you so far for the suggestions.

    One thing here in New Hampshire is you see almost exclusively Fisher plows. I did talk to a Fisher dealer and he was pushing the 9 1/2' XTream V for me ($5,395 mild steel or $5,995 Stainless Steel installed). I did ask about the XLS and he said he sold a few but never again since everyone he sold always came back broken (the wings) an they were a nightmare for his customers.

    Moving serious snow as fast as possible at this point for me is not my top issue. I guess that keeping things simple until I gain experience next winter is my main issue. The advice I got from my friend and fellow BOD member at my gun club who runs a landscaping business, was to keep it simple and in his experience the straight blades were the least troublesome ... he only runs Fisher on his fleet.

    Again, I will mainly be doing driveways until I feel confident enough to take on anything more demanding.

    If in your collective experiences, V-plows are no more problematice then straight plows, I may have to broaden my search ... though you are looking at a $1,000 premium over straight blades.

    Please keep the advise comming, I am taking my time researching what is correct for my truck and me ... all the while saving up $$$ in the process for a summer purchase (and then probably a Sander purchase in 2013 or so).

    Thanks again.
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    1) There are some serious design differences between the (older) Blizzard plows and the Fisher/DD plows. The older Blizzard plows (the 8611 included) would be my choice for that truck, maybe an 8611LP as it is a bit lighter than the regular 8611).

    2) Productivity should be your number one priority, experience helps of course, but time is money.

    3) From the sounds of things, your dealer is not a very good service or salesman if he won't even sell the XLS anymore due to a few issues had by customers. Do some research both here and LTS and see what deem to best suit your needs.

    Edit: What I'm really trying to say is that the expanding wing plow (in my case it was a Blizzard 810) was the best investment that I have made in my business yet.
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    I do not think you need to add timbrems to the front of that truck. It should have a 7000# axle and spring rating on the front.(I'm guessing it's 4x4) I agree with some others no plow under 9ft should go on that truck. If you plan on doing larger lots or county roads, I would consider a Fisher 10ft MC. This is a tough plow although it will be hard to maneuver in smaller drives.
  8. OP

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    You are correct, the truck is a 4X4 with a 7,000# front axle. I did look at the Fisher 9 & 10 ft. MC ... very heavy plows (similar to the Blizzard 8611P).

    What are your thoughts on the Boss Straight Blade 10' plow?

    I know that many on this site state that a dealer who is close by and reputable is a high priority. Like I said before, in NH, Fisher is everywhere, but it seems like most on this board like the Boss. There are 2 Fisher dealers within 20 miles of me and 1 Boss dealer who is 35 miles from me (the Boss dealer is also an AirFlo dealer and the one who did my setup of the 11' AirFlo dump with contractor sides ... he did a great job). So it seems to me that my main (if not only) options are a Fisher or Boss.

    I am sure both plows are very good, I just want to research which would be the most reliable, best value, and correct application for my truck, based on the experience of the people here on this board.

    Since most if not all of the driveways I would be working on are wide open (no curbs) and virtually dead straight, a wider plow would not be a problem.

    The closest Blizzard dealer to me is over 50 miles away and they are just a Ford dealership doing installs on the side.
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    I prefer the Fisher MC over the Boss because of the trip edge on the Fisher and the Boss municipal plow is only offered in trip mold board.