Indy Strap it On

Discussion in 'Weather' started by mullis56, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. mullis56

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    from Indiana
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    Not your plows as we are currently according to sources suppossed to get 8.8 in of snow. However, I thank we will get screwed again.
  2. billet-boy

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    SURE we are HAHAHA
  3. payton

    payton Senior Member
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    the big one thats suppose to hit tonight/tomorrow will bring the strap on pain. we wont end up with ****. time to wash wax and put the plow up for the winter..
  4. dr_destructo

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    from Indiana
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    Sounds like replay of the same forecast over and over. Radar shows snow over my place for over 2 hrs now and havent seen a single flake yet! I guess the air is still too dry. Not sure how we got stuck on this same storm track, but it sucks! Gets freezin-ass cold, then it warms up to sleet and then keeps warming up to rain. I had the first REAL snow all year on Wednesday morning. It was 3" of powder. That came from a clipper system that was only supposed to be flurries!