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inceasing plowing efficiency

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by John DiMartino, Feb 19, 2003.

  1. John DiMartino

    John DiMartino PlowSite.com Veteran
    Messages: 2,154

    After buying the 9'2"ft Boss V plow 2 yrs ago,and experiencing the benefits of a V plow.I have always wanted to put a v on all my trucks.I already had a western 7.5 unimount on my 91GMC 2500 ,that was on it when i bought it.While it was in good shape and worked fine.After both of us using the V neither I nor my help wanted to use it,it was clearly to slow on our bigger accounts,and it took so much time to move snow across the bigger lots,it was frustrating running it after using the Dodge/Boss v.I knew the western MVP would fit on my existing plow frame,so I looked for an MVP.I finally found,and bought a used MVP 8.5 foot about a month ago on Ebay. I drove 2 hrs to get it,and the owner let me use his shop to switch over the harness(which was different),so i could lift the plow and get it home. (At this point Id like to thank Dino(Plowking35) for driving over 45 minutes each way to help me install the plow harness onto my truck.Dino knows a lot about trucks/plows in general and it was it clear right away that he knew what he was doing.He started working on my truck as if it were his own(thanks again Dino). Dino and I got it all working right there before i left for the 2 hr ride home with the V plow on it.I have been using the MVP for a month now,in 3 storms.I put a U edge on it,after the first storm(thanks again Dino).I forgot how rough steel edge were.I was happy to have another V and glad I bought it,but i had questioned myself as to whether it was worth putting that kind of $$ into a truck that already had a plow.After Feb 17th I no longer question if it was worth the $$.It was without a doubt worth every penny. With the V on the same exact truck my plowing time has dropped almost in 1/2. I went from a 7.5 ft straight blade to a 8.5 ft V,and the truck is like a new truck performance wise.It moves snow almost as good as my Dodge(almost;) ). In that blizzard my help was able to keep up at one location with 3 accounts with a 1/2 mi.When before he couldnt keep up with one of the accounts. Usually he could barly keep the lanes open,and the docks open,now he did all that,and 2 other accounts as well.When I got back to him,after finishing my route, I was expecting piles of snow everywhere,and a long night ahead of us.I was shocked to see 75% of the plowing completed at all 3 locations! I had a few hrs to put in in the loader,and I was done.We even had an hr+ downtime(see my other thread) during the heaviest part of the storm. All I can say is the western V is the best $ I spent on that truck,it was almost like adding another truck to the route.I couldnt have added another truck for less than the V cost,+ the added insurance,maintance,fuel,etc,another plow,pay the driver if you can find a good reliable driver. Now I can sell the straight blade 7.5 and recoup some of the $$ I spent. Anyone on the fence about whether to buy a V or straght blade,get the V plow,if you do any commercial work at all,it will be the best $$ you ever spent.It is for me.

    DYNA PLOW Senior Member
    Messages: 295

    well said JOHN, thanks for your update on the western mvp.
    can i ask what you paid for it?
  3. ddm

    ddm Member
    Messages: 57

    Also just curious now that you own both a Boss and Western V if you guys prefer one over the other as far as operation?
  4. John DiMartino

    John DiMartino PlowSite.com Veteran
    Messages: 2,154

    ddm, yes I do have a prefference I preffer the boss.The western is better at some things,but overall the Boss has it over the western,IMO. Both my plows are about 2 yrs old,so they can be directly compared IMO.Reasons I like the Boss better are, the controller:I dont the like the western controller,it requires 4-5 seconds to perform a simple move tha can be done in one step with the boss in under 1 second.speed: no contest here,the boss can literally cycle left to right 3 times before the western has gone from one side to the other,efficiency :as much time as the western V saves me over the straight blade,the Boss is even faster.The Boss is easier on the truck,no contest here either,it may be the attack angle or the double actign cyl,I dont know all I know is the boss doesnt trip as hard,or slam you around.I have U edges on both plows,i have never plowed with a steel edge on a Boss though.The lights,no contest Boss is better,attachement no contest boss is better. Things I like better about the western,it is like a dozer blade,it can plow thru anything where the boss will fold the wings the Western will blow right thru it, no smart lock cyl needed,you can backdrag with it like a straight blade,it does a very good job of this.Scraping abilitys of the western with the U edge are incredible,the boss is good,the westerns is just a little better. The center wiper, i like the westerns design better,the center pin placement in relation to the blade allows you to run one wiper under the center pin instead of the hoof arrangement on the boss.I do love both plows and if the snow is deep or im backdraggign i would grab the GMC /Western,but if Im plowing and want to move snow fast and get my route done,the choice is easy Boss. I think the reliablity of both should be about the same.IMO the Boss is heavier duty especially in the plow blade/A frame area.Time will tell,and ill post if and when it breaks. John