In bed or tail gate

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by albhb3, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. albhb3

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    I was just wondering what is the better option for spreaders I do a couple storage facilities, a few apartment complexes, and a few residentials. Thanks for the help.
  2. Clapper&Company

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    Alot depends on what type of truck you have, and How much salt your going to be using :D
  3. OP

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    2003 chevy 2500HD ext cab
  4. Clapper&Company

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    That would hold it :D

    How much salt do u need to put down per event?
  5. Jay brown

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    if it's just a 2500 i would take the bed off to minimize rust and cut down on the weight.
  6. Oasis

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    I have a 2500 and I have an 8 foot Airflow Vbox spreader. But it all depends on how much salt you require per event. If you require 2-3 tons plus... then invest in a V Box... if you only gonna spread a few hundred kilos then go with a tail gate. V Box spreaders might be more money but they leave room to grow in the future not to mention they cut down on time required to salt (time used in refilling tail gate spreaders) and number of trips required to salt per event.
  7. Plowin in VT

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    I have a 9 cu ft tailgate spreader, and wish that I had gotten a V-box. The tailgate w/the vibe works great, but it is a PITA (and back) getting out and shoveling more salt or sand into it. The nice thing about a tailgate spreader is that if you do not need it, it is a 1 man job to take it off, and it will fit just about anywhere in the summer.

    If you don't need one this season, try finding a used tailgate spreader this summer. You will save some money vs a new one, and if it doesn't suit your needs, it will have depreciated less than a new one.
  8. The mayor

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    I have a v box on my 05 2500. Great unit and I don't have to load by hand...all bulk. Only problem is I have no where to put my single stage snowblower.
  9. Oasis

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    Ive actually seen people literally bolt brackets to the back of the spreader to hold small single stage blowers. It seems to work pretty decently.
  10. hydro_37

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    Very good advice. :salute:
  11. csx5197

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    Yeah I would have to agree with them. If you had a v-box spreader do you have the right stuff to fill it everytime? Yes you could shovel to fill it or what not, but having a small loader or skid steer is the easiest. Also you would have to find a place to leave the loads of salt when not in use. A tailgate spreader still would hold less, but like it was said, it is easier to remove and also you can keep some bags in the back of your truck then just pour them in. I haven't heard many people talk about the buzzbox anymore, that was a neat system.
  12. Grisi24

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    I agree fully if I don't have another vehicle ready to plow next year I am going to put a flat bed on the F350 and make it easy to remove the snow blower... Lifting the snow blower over the edge of the truck every time is a PITA!!:realmad: But of course it is a eight horse too nothing small!! A single stage just wouldn't cut it!

    I have a Snow Ex V-Maxx 6000 :gunsfiring:... BAD IDEA but anyway I would go with a tailgate if you can help it, if you don't have the money or equipment to have an additional truck and you really need that snow blower...
  13. oasisland

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    I went through this at the beginning of this season. Went and Bought a hitch mount thinking it would do the job. And it will but a PITA to refill. So went and got a Vbox. Much Easier IMO to just do this . You will grow and will need it eventually so make the investment. Better to just get one right off the bat instead of wasting time and $$$payup on a Tailgate/hitchmount.They recommend a 3/4 to 1 ton for VboxIf you got the 2500 HD should do it.. Just fill it with the amount you need per event ...JMO
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