Impossible to happen, but it did!

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    My 9 1/2’ Hiniker V-Plow was securely locked in with the pins. After 3 hours of plowing the right pin jumped off the fork while back dragging causing the plow to be pulled forward and bending the left fork to the left. My Hiniker shop had a VERY difficult time removing the plow. He said I didn’t have the plow locked in properly.
    B.S.!!! The left pin was still on when I brought it back to him. You cannot get the left pin in and not the right. They can only be locked in if both of the pins are in place. I told him that it was LOCKED IN!
    The left pin was locked in so the right had to be locked in when I put my plow back on my truck. Yet the right side had pulled off and the pin is intact. When the plow was finally prayed off the forks the pins were fine and the locking handle worked also. It happened and he didn’t believe me. Nobody has ever heard of that happening. So, how the hell did the pin jump off the fork? I don’t want this to happen again. My Hiniker plow has seen 3 seasons and I’ve spent nearly 1/2 the cost of the plow in repairs. Can anyone, has anyone or anything know how this impossible malfunction can happen? Or it will happen again . Anyone?