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Impatient customers/ Productivity

Discussion in 'Business Fundamentals' started by longislandsnow, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. longislandsnow

    longislandsnow Junior Member
    Messages: 2

    Do you find it hard to have lots of residential snow removal accounts.?
    My customers which are also lawn care customers of mind get very impatient
    about waiting for me to arrive and clear there driveway of snow after a storm.
    It seems as if they only want to wait like a hour after the storm for there driveway to cleared by me or they will hire a kid in the neighborhood to do it. I use a plow on some drives and a snowblower on others. I hear that other guys
    can do up to 100 drives after a storm how is that possible. The people I do the snow for want in front of there mailbox cleared of snow, walks and the drive itself. Which can take some time. Sometimes up to 45 minutes depending on the depth of the snow. In reality I am only able to do 6 drives after a storm. These drives are not your normal size , long , wide and really wide by the garages . How can I increase productivity and get more drives done after a storm.
  2. Crazy

    Crazy Junior Member
    Messages: 15

    More people and equipment?
  3. grandview

    grandview PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 14,609

    Get rid of them and find quick and easy ones.
  4. derekslawncare

    derekslawncare PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,003

    This is why I don't do residential snow removal.
  5. JAJA

    JAJA Member
    Messages: 73

    Use more right foot on the pedal on the right
  6. derekslawncare

    derekslawncare PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,003

    Ha ha ha. Made me laugh. Don't think the customer will mind the double black stripes up their drive?
  7. SnoFarmer

    SnoFarmer PlowSite Fanatic
    from N,E. MN
    Messages: 9,883

    Why do you have customers?
    Non-Commercial Snow Removal (Home Owners, Enthusiasts, Etc.)
    This forum is for the members who don't own or operate a snow plowing business. Post here if you want to discuss non-commercial equipment or ask plowing tips from the pro's to help keep your driveways clean and clear of snow & ice.

    funny going on topic is going off topic.
  8. BC Handyman

    BC Handyman PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,943

    It's a crazy world!
  9. PLandscaping

    PLandscaping Junior Member
    Messages: 23

    Get different drives? Or less impatient customers. Part of the game my man
  10. theplowmeister

    theplowmeister 2000 Club Member
    from MA
    Messages: 2,617

    There is a way

    ask yourself what is it that the customer really wants? What is he asking for?

    Then what can you do to satisfy that?
  11. chesterlawn

    chesterlawn Member
    Messages: 87

    First off I would ditch the snow blower, plowing is much faster. I use to do the shoveling of the walks and in front of the garage but found in the time it took for that I could plow three other driveways. How much extra are you getting for the shoveling, $25 not worth it. I guess you are stuck doing the walks on the ones you have but new ones I would just do the plowing and that is it. Would it help if on the accounts you have now, just do all the driveways first then go back and do the walkways, that way they can at least get out of their drives?