I'm not crazy here, am I?


When I got onto the site just now I thought I saw snow flakes falling from the top of the screen. Please don't tell me that I am halucienating here. :confused:


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Well, the snow flakes were here. :D Really, they were. I took them off since there was a complaint about being distracting.

I have re-wrote it to allow users to enable them or disable them and it will "remember" your preference. Unfortunately, the new version cannot be in my signature. I offered it to PlowSite.com, so it is up to them to decide whether to use it or not.

Well, now I have to think of something else cool to put in my signature. :cool:


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Hopefully it will be a "go" for members to enable/disable the snowflakes as they prefer - myself, I think they're :cool: but after a while I DO find them gettin' a bit distracting!

I'm just glad they first appeared before snow season - if I'd logged on after a bunch of plowing and saw them I'd have been convinced I had finally cracked! :eek:


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If I thought that they would be downloaded so many times, I would have came up with a way to get paid for each download. :D

If anyone feels guilty for getting them free, go ahead and email me some cash. ;) You should never send cash through snail mail, but it's ok to send it in email. LOL Just don't attach any white powder.
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