Illinois snow?

chicago IL
Hey guys,
When is it going to snow here in Illinois? I have all my trucks ready and snowblowers ready to go. I was watching the News
the other nights, There was a half an hour special about this up
coming winter. They where saying, If we get a lot of snow here in chicago this month and december, We would then have a mild
winter this season. I would like to see some plowable snow
at least once or twice a week. But they where also saying If the Chicago land area gets a little snow this month and some snow next month, we would have Lots of snow this winter. Any input
would be good.

ultimate lawns and more,


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Quad Cities IL.
We`re bout 2.5 hrs. due west of Chicago land and I for one really don`t think they know what type of winter we will get. Heard some bits and peices about next week. Looking forward to it as soon as fall clean-up is finished. Everytime they say it will be mild it`s nasty and vise versa. Can anyone tell me when these predictors have ever got it right further out than, say, a week?


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Tinley Park, IL
I will agree with that, they cant event tell me the right temperatures for a week in advance. Heck they got this week all wrong! I need a job as a weatherman, newscast will be much shorter...."FOLKS GO LOOK OUT THE WINDOW...MARY BACK TO YOU"


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LaPorte Indiana
I am about an hour east of Chicago, right in the lake effect region. They started calling for heavy snow this weekend earlier in the week, but now they have down scaled it, to maybe two inches in the next day or two. Last year we only had 2 or 3 times of decent snow, nothing like we are used to. Hopefully they will dump on us this year.



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Hey guys, I would be happy if they could get the 24hour forcast right! As far as this years winter weather predictions, being the internal optimist, it will be a good year for us snowplow contractors.

The most accurate forcast that I can remember was the 21" dumping we got three years ago in January! They predicted that storm about 10 days before it hit. And the amazing thing about the predictions was, even right from the start, they said it was going to be a nasty storm from the start.



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Central Indiana
The local weatherman said we would get 10 snowfalls for the season..... Then he proceded to tell how we had 17 snowfalls last year.... He must have counted every flake that fell as a snowstorm. We only had 3 plowable events, and only one of them was full route.
I'm between Chi. and the Quad cities. I hope it holds off for 2 weeks. I'm headed to Florida and don't need to have my stand ins get all my money.:D Just kidding. I think it'll hold off to mid Dec. then let us have it. Or maybe not. I learned that in meteorologist school.


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A little snow just to try out the new Western would be nice!! I'm in a western suburb of Chicago and this is my first year plowing. I've signed on with Western Dupage Landscaping as a sub and I have a few commercial accounts and driveways to do on my own. I've spend almost 30 years in trucking and just think, I've always hated snow. Point of view I guess......

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