ignition system


Ok, I am having my 400 rebuilt and am going to put a edelbrock performer intake on it, and probably replacing the rochester with an edelbrock (not sure yet), here is my question, which ignition system?? I would appreciate any responses especially anyone that has something they are running now and has given noticable change. Also if anyone knows of which to stay away from that too would be appreciated<p>-abe<br>


by the way...<br>my truck is a 78 3/4 ton camper special 4x4 with np203 connverted to part time.<p>have the th400 tranny<br>.......................in case it makes any difference.<p>-abe<br>


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I'd go with a stock GM HEI ignition. The ones from a late 70s truck are supposed to be the best, although any will fit. you have to get one from before the ESC system came in, as later ones have all the wiring for the computer that controlled the spark and no vacuum advance. I plan on swapping HEI into my old 5500 in place of the cobbed up ex-governed points distributor. <br>


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I agree with Alan, this is the system I use on my 84 Chev K20 (350). the only problem I ever had was with the Ignition module. and It was some special module that my dad brought me from Generous Motors. the standard module has been working great.