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Ignition Question.

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by Code 46, May 26, 2003.

  1. Code 46

    Code 46 Junior Member
    Messages: 3


    I just put a Goodwrench motor in my truck. At first I went with the old stock distributor with the old ignition , and coil. I wanted a lil hotter so I added a accel module and an coil. I have a TBI motor so the coil is external. As soon as we installed it ,the truck would not run. At all. So I went and got a new distributor and it fired right up with the accel parts. The truck had AC Delco R43TS plugs in it. When we got it cranked it had a miss. I figured we fouled a plug so I replaced them and it ran great. When I came out the next morning and fired it up it ran for a few minutes and cut off. I went out to recrank it and almost didnt get it started. When I got it cranked and the motor warm it ran good except for that miss again. I went and got some R45TS plugs and this time opened the gap from .35 to .40. Ran the best it has yet. Went out the next morning. Fired it up again it wanted to run real rich til the motor got hot.
    My question is? Should I go another step hotter with my plug? Change brands of plugs? Are my plugs my problem? I put a Holley 670 cmf TBI on it and it ran fine before accel. On the road the timing seems a lil off, I mean no labor knocks or nothing it just seems to ****** so quick when you let off the gas and sometimes I hear a studder box like sound at low RPM's when it shifts into drive.
    I am not sure what to do.

    PS. The truck has a stage 2 chip which has been in it for about 7 or 8 years and dual exhaust with flow masters. wide open, no emissions testing here.
    The EGR valve is plugged?
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    CARDOCTOR PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,312

    1 check the timing without advance( read sticker underhood to find out how to disconnect advance)

    had a friend that put that accel junk in his suburban wouldnt start put back in the stock ignition parts ran great


    still raining
  3. Code 46

    Code 46 Junior Member
    Messages: 3

    Well I bought the accel junk from jeggs. I thought it was good :D
    Thought likw Lit I guess. Any other suggestions anyone.
  4. jlsanborn

    jlsanborn Member
    Messages: 34

    With good ignition components you can run a gap as large as .060" with the GM HEI. You should use a cap and rotor made of quality materials offering high dielectric properties. Also good quality 8mm wires.
    Re-check your timing