if your a-frames not level, whats better...


cleveland, OH
hello all, just got our first push here the other day, my new western ultramount system worked great...one question though...
when i installed it the weight of the plow would lower the front end of the truck and the a-frame was probably 1-2 inchs lower near the truck...i added the timbrens and it was sitting level...(unless i wasn't on level ground) now after a few weeks its not level again...i'm wondering if the timbrens settle alittle, or if i just thought it was level...

reason i'm asking is because when i was pushing a pile (about 5ft high) the plow would kinda walk over it...i don't know if thats how this plow reacts cause its the first time i plowed with it.

i figure i can crank the torsion bars and try to level a-frame out, or change to position 3 in the plow setup...only thing i'm afraid of if i change it and the a-frame is higher then i might have different problems....

this is what i'm thinking happens....

a-frame lower near truck...better on stuff like gravel, but walks up piles...
a-frame higher near truck...worse on gravel, would try to get under the pile...

should i just crank the torsion bars and forget about it or is alittle out of level ok....

i also don't want to wear the cuttng edge pre-maturely because its to far out of level....whats acceptable?


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Fully angle the plow.

Lower plow.

See which side hits pavement first. (Leading edge or trailing edge) Trailing edge should hit first by a small margin. Then when all plow weight is on ground, the cutting edge should be touching both front and back.

Reverse the angle.

Try above again.

As long as your level when fully angled, then for the most part your OK. As for riding up a pile, thats more a function of plow weight. Plows have their angle of attack built into their design. If you tried the above test and passed then your just fine.

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Western New York
Add some ballast in the bed. Check Western's web site I believe thay have a chart listing how much you sould add.

By your plow "walking over it" do you meen the plow slides up the pile & dosnt push it? Sounds like your simply tring to push pilers larger then your truck will handle.


cleveland, OH
thanks tls....never heard of that test...always had a meyers and would pin it level....

grass i do have 420 lbs. of ballast in the back of the truck, book called for 450, but 7 bags of "tube sand" fit perfect...

last year i was plowing with a '71 chevy pu with a meyers....it was a tank and pushed alot of snow.... :D

i just thought it odd the way the blade picked right up...with my old truck i would have spun my tires and had to back up and take a smaller slice, this plow just went right up the pile...the pile was probably 10 feet in diameter, and about 5 ft high....not all that big imo...


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Western and Meyer are 2 TOTALLY different engineered plows. Different angles of attack, different curvature, different trip pivot pit height, etc.

If you pass my level test from above, then your setup right.

Have FUN!!