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I would like to hear from all the people that use prowings. I've read the posts relating to the subject and I know they extend your blade about 20", but I'm more concerned to know if they scrape as well. I think they have a rubber edge -- right?? When you finish a pass, can you tell where the steel edge ended and the rubber edge was?

I'm going to buy a pair, but I'm a little skeptical. I think they will save time,but I don't think they work as well as people say. I hope I'm wrong!


I will put mine on a 7.5 Meyer

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They don't "scrape" at all.

They're intended to carry more snow across a parking lot. They DO increase the useable part of your plow, though, by reducing overspill on the lead edge.

Go ahead and buy your pair, they may not do everything you want, but you will not regret having them.

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We have one truck that has sno-wings. We just put urethane edges on in place of the rubber. Havn't had a chance to use it yet (with the urethane). Probably tonight. The cutting edge on the plow is still steel.

I'll let you know how the urethane edges work on the wings.


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I will be replacing the rubber on all of my wings with Urethane also. There is too much give with the rubber. I'm sure ohn will be able to give a review long before me, as the snow forecasts look gloomy around here. Other than that they are great. Before putting the U-edges on my plows, the section with the wings was always scraped cleaner than the steel edged section of the plow (except hard pack & ice conditions). So yes, I always could tell where the steel & rubber ended.

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