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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by RB, Feb 10, 2001.

  1. RB

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    I'm trading my 3/4 Chev 2500 in on a new 2000 Ford 350 XL 4wd, auto, V10, w/great lakes dump body. This will be my first new ford.

    Question: One dealer has a new 2000 Ford 450, same set up except the 450 has a stick and the 350 is an auto. The price is only going to be about $30 difference per month on payments. Other than having a much bigger gvw, 15,000 vs. 11,000, what other differences are there?

    Question: Both of these vehicles are on the lot and ready to go. They both have air conditioning, which I don't ever use in the work trucks and I would prefer not to have. I know it's was an option that they included, but I was wondering if they would take it out of the truck for be and credit me?

    Question: Plowing - I'd probably put an 8.5 v and maybe a small vbox or a fisher or western 2stage salt spreader (I only spread about 1 ton of salt per run). With these two trucks is there going to be any difference in plowing performance?

    I know this is a long post and I truly appreciate your advise. I'm going to make a decision on Monday.


  2. Mike Nelson

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    Do you need to buy right away?
    Anyway I would stay with automatic
    v10 isn't going to give you great milage
    I would go with diesel
    Not likely they will take the air off.
    There are alot of trucks like this one on the lots.
    Good Luck
  3. GeoffD

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    If it was me, I would get the F 450, even if it has a stick.

    I am a fan of autos, I will admit that, this is because several different people drive my trucks. However if you the owner will be the only one driving the truck, and don't mind useing a stick, I would get the F 450.

    The F 450, has a higher GVW, allowing you to carry the v-box better than the F 350. This would allow you to carry more salt when needed or carry the 1 ton of salt while plowing.

    The F 450, would also allow you to get the 9.5' V-Plow. I really do think the 8.5' V-plow is too small for a truck with DRW.

    Again, the higher payload of the F 450 is always good. Ya never know when you will need to haul more weight. Trailer towing is increased.

    My only other idea is this.

    If you really want the auto, Order an F 450 with an auto, that will add about 1K to the price.

    Hey for 30 dollars more, get the F 450.

  4. OP

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    Thanx guys, that helps.
  5. mdb landscaping

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    i dont know how long you keep your trucks, but it might be a little tougher to sell without the air conditioning. good luck with your new vehicle
  6. John DiMartino

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    RB,what are they giving you for the chevy?I might have a buyer.give details and options/mileage.I dont know how far from NJ you are,but meadowlands Ford has a nice used F450 dump-a 99,auto,34K miles,and several new 450's,they might have the options you want.Thanks JD
  7. plowking35

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    On the fords, in 2000,they were giving away the AC for free if you bought a stick, so they shouldnt charge for that option anyway.
    I would also get the 450 and a 9.5' v plow. But as a matter of clarity, I think the f-350 c&c has a 12K gvw. Is that right Geoff??
  8. GeoffD

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    12500 GVW.

    My Vote is the F 450. If you the owner will be the only one driving it, and you don't mind a stick, buy the F 450.

    If ya don't mind waiting, I would order an F 450 the way you want it.

  9. OP

    RB Senior Member
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    Thanx again guys.
  10. CCLC

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    Get the F450, but get an automatic. Shifting will get really old after a while with a lot of plowing. Right now you only need a ton of salt to do your route. How much will you need next year? If your route increases you'll need the extra capacity. Also get the 9.5' V-plow. The truck is big enough and the cost isn't that big of a deal to add the bigger plow. The A/C is good for the resale.
  11. 99SDPSD

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    Well I have a 99 SD PSD F-350 C&C DRW Dump it light weights out at 9100lbs has a gvwr of 12,500lbs. 12,500-9100=3400lbs payolad. I am running a 9'2"Boss Vthat weighs 960 old RT II so with that 9100+960=10,060+ v. sander 900lbs=10,960. 12500-10960=1500payloadnot much sand you can put in before being over weight. That is why I just got my self a 00.5 F550 SD PSD C&C dump 17500gvwr-9400 light weight=8100 payload. It has the same plow as the 350 both are automatics with air. 9400+960Plow+900sander=11,260. 17500-11260=6240payload for sand. Also from what i have heard is that the 450 is going to be discontinued(RUMOR). The only down side i have seen so far by going to the 450-550 are the prices of the tires. I do love the 550 4:88 gears for plowing.
  12. Kent Lawns

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    One huge downside of a 450/550 is there isn't a readily available snow/ice tire in 19.5".

    GVW is more, which is great for salt/sand. But they can't produce what a F350 with good tires can. Not even close.
  13. slplow

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    Your insurance might be alot higher between the 350 and 450, in MA it's about 1,000.a yr but other than that, get what u want. If you do some driveways the 8.5 ft would be better if you don't the 9.5ft all the way.
  14. Mark Oomkes

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    Kent Lawns, weight is more important for pushing snow that tires are. Ice is a different story, or if you are trying to stack. Our F-800 and F-750 will outpush any 350 4WD around. These have an all-terrain traction type tire on the rears and a ribbed steer tire on the front. Also, F450-550's are available in 4WD so the tires won't make that much of a difference.
  15. GeoffD

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    What? F 450 not avaible with 4X4?

    I got 6 or them that are 4WD. You can get any model F 250 - F 550 with 4wd.

  16. Dockboy

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    Go with the 450. But I would look around and find a PSD. the $4000 won't make your payment that much more, besides you will make it up in fuel savings. The V-10 in that truck will eat you alive! Friend of mine has one, I think he gets 8-9 mpg :eek: My 250 PSD gets 18 mpg.

  17. 99SDPSD

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    Kent Lawns. In regardes to a real snow and mud tire 19.5 YES there is it is a Michlen model XZT.

    Geoff Diamond. There is a Rumor floating around that F.M.C. Is not going to produce any 450's.

    SLPlow. AS for insurance price my 00.5 F550 is cheaper for insurance the the 99 F350 here in CT.

    Dockboy. In regards to a payment 00.5 F550 was a left over so i got 2000 dolars in rebates on it got it for $36,660 with 8 grand down my payment are $552 a month on a 5 year comercial lease.
  18. Dockboy

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    I'll trade ya:D

    Mine was 2000 250 Lariat SuperCab 4X4 off-road PSD. Traded in a truck I was buried in. 250 stickered at $38,600, got $15,400 for trade, $695/mo. for 5 years :eek:

  19. JBLAWN

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    i've got a f-350 v10. it will pull a house its that powerful. the only thing i can say is make sure you get the biggest fuel tank , because you'll need it.
  20. SCL

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    I guess it comes down to what else are you going to do with it. 99 hit it on the head when he talked about payload. I have an 88 F350 8" dump 2wd. Plows great but, we have a landscape business and the truck has a curb weight of 8000k. Plated at 12k. It doesn't take much sand, gravel, dirt, etc... to hit 4000k. Not that the truck won't handle as I have hauled 15K+ without problems. Just I don't want to pay the darn ticket. Also check into the difference in the price of license for them. I think in Illinois that the plates dang near double from 12 to 15K. Also if you tow the 350 works great for skids and small tractors. Get into backhoes, mini x's and the like and you'll appreciate that 450 all the more.