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icy conditions truck damage

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by supercuts, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. supercuts

    supercuts Senior Member
    Messages: 114

    after 8 years of plowing ive slid around a bit but never had any damage other than a broken mirror (my fault) and a few dings in my bumper. well, after the NE blizzard on dec 20th of "light fluffy snow" i was sliding all over. i went off 3 driveway, hitting 2 trees. ive never had so many problems ever. sucks to be me. its hard to see but the bumper is flattened in the driver side


  2. supercuts

    supercuts Senior Member
    Messages: 114

    one other thought, i will make sure all trucks now have step bars, it saved my whole drivers side!
  3. cpsnowremoval

    cpsnowremoval Senior Member
    Messages: 223

    last night everything froze up and i was on my way to one of my accounts. i was going down a small hill and slide through a stop sign and the cross traffic dosent stop. got lucky and avoided an accident. it was also around 5:30 so the traffic was pretty heavy
    and a guy rear ended a garbage truck in front of my house
  4. hydro_37

    hydro_37 PlowSite Veteran
    from iowa
    Messages: 3,790

    Put some weight in the bed....it will help
  5. tattood_1

    tattood_1 Member
    Messages: 98

    That sucks. At least you or anyone else wasn't hurt. Another good thing is you can still run your truck and your not down.
  6. odd1or2even

    odd1or2even Senior Member
    Messages: 117

    I know the feeling. I haven't hit anything with my truck when plowing but this storm my Ford 150 for stuck 4 times, and my GMC2500 for stuck once. The ford took out 2-4 newly planted bushes when it slid just off the side of the drive. Everyone just iced over at about 11pm on Saturday night and it sucked! I ended up having to drive my front end loader a mile to get the truck out cause the other truck couldn't get it.

    Surely throw weight in the bed.. salt, cinder blocks, stone.. whatever. More the better as you can always get it out later easily. But I'm glad everyone's alright!
  7. fairrpe86

    fairrpe86 Senior Member
    Messages: 175

    Few years ago I had a lot freeze on me pretty bad then snow about three inches on top of it. I managed to get myself stuck in one part of the lot, took me half hour to get out, not more than two passes later I slid into a good size pile sideways and spent another hour digging out of that one. Getting stuck is no fun and damaging the truck is even worse, atleast you are ok, thats what really matters.
  8. augerandblade

    augerandblade PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,054

    We are going to get a round of freezing rain come Christmas and Boxing Day. thats always my biggest concern when ya get a layer of ice. Areas and slight grades and slopes that are no problem when you have traction are now challenges. Sorry about your truck.
  9. supercuts

    supercuts Senior Member
    Messages: 114

    i always have weight in my truck. i didnt put as much in as usual because of the way they predicted the forecast. in the future, all the weight i can. i dont run true snow tires and i have a friend who constantly tells me i must. i normally dont have a problem with weight though. live and learn. like everyone says, at least i didnt get hurt and i still had the truck to finish the storm. happened only 3hrs into it with near blizzard conditions still out. im still pissed but even if i pay out of pocket to fix all the damge we still made alot that storm. ill most likely try and buy a new take off white bed with a bumper and tailgate like you see on ebay all the time for $1500. im not in a hurry because money is tight. ive already been joking, if i do get one, ill save the old one way through it on in the winter so i wont have to worry
  10. supercuts

    supercuts Senior Member
    Messages: 114

    this is the new beast im getting ready. its a 95' f350 dually dump with a fuel friendly 460ci 4x4 and an 8' mm1. it only has 60k miles and bit of rot on the drivers fender. it only needs the breaks bled and the exhaust manifold leaks like the rest of them.


  11. supercuts

    supercuts Senior Member
    Messages: 114

    and the other girl

  12. theonlybull

    theonlybull Senior Member
    Messages: 405

    i'll bite....4g's
  13. mcwlandscaping

    mcwlandscaping 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,557

    $2k since you seem to be REAL excited about the price!
  14. TommyMac

    TommyMac Senior Member
    Messages: 530

    You dont even need dedicated snow tires....Just get rid of the stock Conti's...I suggest BF G's AT K/O's myself....You'll love that F-350 it will be a tank believe me....I had an old 94'F-450 2wd 9' Fisher & never got stuck even pulling people out of ditches, secret is about 1,500-2,000 lbs of ballast...Fuel mileage is tough but it's a plowing BEAST
  15. lawnproslawncar

    lawnproslawncar Senior Member
    Messages: 605

    Some insurance companies won't pay a claim if you didn't have proper ballast...Just so you're aware.
  16. supercuts

    supercuts Senior Member
    Messages: 114

    in not going to claim it anyway. i dont want to worry about my rates. ill fix it later
  17. supercuts

    supercuts Senior Member
    Messages: 114

    guess a few more times and ill reviel the truck price
  18. supercuts

    supercuts Senior Member
    Messages: 114

    no other takers? how much is this truck worth?? rack dump, 4x4, 460, 60k miles, only exhaust manifold leak.
  19. Lugnut

    Lugnut Senior Member
    Messages: 250

    I'd guess its worth 6-7, and you got it for 3 or 4
  20. prostk2

    prostk2 Member
    Messages: 70

    My guess is 3,200.00. Hey Supercuts why do you say you hate your Meyer plows? Just wondering