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Ice Melter?????

I haven't seen any post on what kind of ice melter is the best for the money. I read about magic salt and some others. right now I'm using Professional Ice Melter from Spring Valley Wi. Sold by Indiana seed company. I'm buying it at about /$7.50 per 50lb bag. I would like to know what you guys use and what prices I can get it at. I just ordered a ton and a half but it won't last long. The product I'm using is suppose to be safe to lawn and shrubs. I don't want to kill anything. Thanks for your advise.

Michael F

Senior Member
Rochester, NY
Right now we're using Ice Melter from Sam's, was around $ 5, per 50 lb bag, is a blend of calcium cloride & magnism cloride. the price was right and we don't do hardly any ice control unless requested. Used the product 2X so far seems to work well.
I don't even know the name of the salt that i use but i get it at angelos in MI it cost about a $100 dollers for a palet of 50lb bags i am not shure how many are on the palet.

Samurai WeedWacker

Junior Member
Ice melter made from barley?!

Heard tell of stuff made from barley which, when spread on sidewalks, keeps snow melted. Sounds questionable to me. Anybody heard about it?

SlimJim Z71

PlowSite.com Addict
Cary, IL
Havn't heard of that stuff, but the Ice Melt I'm using right now is running me about $3 a bag. Basically just rock salt. I'd really like to find a place around here that has Magic though...



Senior Member
Mike B,I'm using the same suff you are and the price is about the same,potassium chloride base product with grit,the grit is just crushed lime stone used for traction.I'm finding a lot of guys down here using it or just bagged rock salt which I can get for 3.50 per 50 lb.bag.So far,I have not found a place to get bulk salt unless I go up to Cinn.OH and buy more tonage than I will need for the next 10 years.


PlowSite.com Addict
Central CT
Re: Ice melter made from barley?!

Originally posted by Samurai WeedWacker
Heard tell of stuff made from barley which, when spread on sidewalks, keeps snow melted. Sounds questionable to me. Anybody heard about it?
I think they guys who sell the stuff here call it "magic-O"