"ICE is slick" said the policeman lol funny

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by powerjoke, Feb 21, 2008.

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    i posted here instead of "off topic" for 2 reasons= 1.i didn't want to draw any atention awaay from Tom's thread 2. The city need's to learn how to deal with ice (driving)

    There is no good way to start this thread butt here it goes, so there i was at the JAIL getting one of the hand's bailed out when every one scrambled out of the sherrif's office (incl the jailer) and then he poped his head back round the corner and said "he wont be processed for a couple of hours" so i left

    when i walked out doors the fire trucks were leavin with thier sirens and lights

    so i was heading back to the jobsight and a policeman comes fllying aourn me in the turn lane with his sierens going "i though what a idiot"

    well about 2 miles later i pulled up on this.....LOL and he is tellig me how slick the road's are he says "all that ice just got under my tires" LOL

    i actually pulled up on the other side and the whole side was trashed from where he wen't over

    if you look you can see that the rear end is pulled completely free from the other side and that is a muffler on the ground under the car
    2 part storie
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    so while he was telling me how the ice was slippery and the rear of the car passes him.he says "LOOk".........WHACK!!!! we look up and there 2 cars that hit one another and slides into the Jeep that was slowing to look at the cop wreck ( you could see in the window, she was pointing and laughing and just about the time she said idio....WHACK!!! LOL

    When i first got out of the truck, i ask the cop "do you need me to call some-bodey" he looked at me and laughed and new it was a joke

    i laughed my butt off and so did the cop, well then the other cop showed up to take the accident report to the first wreck he then found out that he had more paperwork to deal with :D

    so what do ya think?....pretty funnie huh
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    LOL, that is pretty funny

    So u were bailing out repo? :D
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    You have some first rate employees thats for sure!!! I hope you were drunk or half asleep when you posted this because wow your spelin waz bad!!