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The snow is a great part of our province economy. Quality ski resort, Thousands miles of snowmobile trails, many outsides activities and the better winter carnival! Two weeks of non action ! So we have a lot of visitors.

Look this hotel

The first class of all igloo.

and don't miss the pictures gallery at the carnival site

Another good news...Both sites are english version.

And the bad news for me is since the snowly december( something like 50% more snow than the average),we only received 3". For now I work on targets my futur client and have some call for roof shoveling. All snow have been stacked, after 10 events we are now set for a big one...we had some brainstorming and reorganize some detail that result on the route lenght.This time saved will allow better break for guys and they'll be able to lunch and relax. change for dry clothes and it's like a new day for more few hours.

more info on the area available at

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