Ice build up on mirrors

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by nor'easter1, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. nor'easter1

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    Anyone have any good tricks for keeping the truck mirrors from building up with that continuous ice glaze on sleeting events. I kick myself for not getting the heated mirrors.
  2. flykelley

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    I have heard of guys using rainx on them.

  3. jjklongisland

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    I believe they make a heated pad that you can fix to the backside of the mirror and run the wires through the door chase to a simple switch. I will see if I can do some research at lunch today...
  4. Maleko

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    I have heated mirrors..

    What is this ice you speak of? :laughing:
  5. Raymond S.

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    I reach over and push the little button that looks like a square with squiggly lines through it. Not sure what it's for but the ice goes away :D
  6. KSikkema

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    rain-x does help if you don't have that button with the squiggly lines in it
  7. JohnRoscoe

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    I've done the Rain-X thing and it's better than nothing.
  8. tuney443

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  9. South Seneca

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    Shoot, I didn't even know I had "heated mirrors" 'til I went on ebay to buy my towing mirrors.
  10. JohnRoscoe

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    LOL, I found out when my wife clipped the passenger mirror backing out of the garage. I found the extra wire and noticed the mirror had a heat strip on the back. Told the wife I wasn't upset because the way I looked at it, I didn't pay $150 for a new mirror, I paid $150 to get heated mirrors!
  11. wildwilly

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    I keep a squirt bottle( like the barber or stylist or whatever they are called now) full of rain x or even low temp window washer fluid and a roll of paper towels handy
  12. nms0219

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    when the truck is parked I tie plasitc grocery bags on em. Than when its time to plow cut em off and go. best part is their free.
  13. bigjoe871

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  14. hedhunter9

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    get a spray bottle and fill it with 50/50 white viniger and water.

    Squirt/saturate the mirror with it..

    Better than nothing.

    But heated mirrors is best.

  15. absolutely

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    Try drinking alot of beer when your plowing, then when the ice appears, well you know!
  16. Mr.Freezzz

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    Or spray more water on them ?????
  17. bighornjd

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    I could never own another truck without heated mirrors, certainly not one that plows snow...
  18. mercer_me

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    My Tundra has heated mirrors and I love them. I will never go back to regular mirrors.

    IPLOWSNO Addict
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    it said i can have turn signals or heated? well i could care less if they can see if i am turning so i checked heated