Ice Ban Storage?


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Started out the year with 3 55 gallon barrels of liquid have only used about 15 gallons so far . will this stuff store o.k till next year? Would it work like calcium chloride as dust control on dirt areas? also left some in A new solo backpack sprayer for A couple of weeks and now the seals are shot. did the liquid cause the problem? Jury is still out wether we"ll use liquid on our campus next year but we h'ave had good results with bagged ice ban ,less carpet tracking' fast acting'etc but since we hand spread most of it from five gallon pails it really slimes up your gloves and clothes. Also has anyone tried poultry grit as an alternative to sand ? We use pallets of the stuff . Less tracking than sa nd sharper edges really hold into ice. Cost is about 2.25 per 50lb bag delivered.

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