I think i bent my 810 :( Any suggestioins?

Discussion in 'Blizzard Plows Discussion' started by maelawncare, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. maelawncare

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    Well i kinda got in a wreak two months back. Slid into another truck with my plow at about 20mph. All seemed ok. Till i started plowing. Everything works fine, wings extend, goes left to right, up and down. But it seems to be leaning. :( At first i thought it was the mount on the truck. It got bent a little bit so i had it replaced. But then i noticed the edge wearing on the drivers side.

    When i set the plow on the ground the drives side of the truck goes up in the air. I guess the plow is making it rise. And when i set the plow down to the point where it just barely touchs the ground, the passenger side is off the ground. If i set it all the way down it sits flat. But as you can tell its wearing bad. And this was after just one storm.

    What do you guys suggest? The closest blizzard dealer is 400 miles. So taking it there is out of the question. And i dont know how im gonna get the insurance company to fork out for a new plow.



  2. Camden

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    Yikes! That sucker is bent for sure. Do you have any reputable metal shops around you? I have absolutely no experience with Blizzard plows but I would imagine someone who's handy with a welder could dismantle the brackets and get them back into shape for you.

    It already looks like you're going to need a new cutting edge so I would get one of those coming right away.

    Good luck

    (and what's the story behind you getting in a wreck??)
  3. LTL

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    Why did you buy a blizzard if the dealer is 400 miles away, that is like 6 hours. Their has to be one closer for you to take it to. All I can say is just start looking for bent or cracked metal, obviously their is something wrong. Good Luck!
  4. Drottlawn

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    I do not know the make up of your plow, but I would guess your a-frame is twisted. I presume it has the same sort of setup as a western straight blade. The easiest way to find if it is to put the plow on the ground and put washer or shims under the scraper till it is level across the top of the blade. Now check the level across the connecting points on the plow where is attaches to the truck. I bet you will find that the passenger side mount is lower to the ground than the drivers side. If so, your a-frame is bent.
    Hopefully you can understand what I described.
    Post pics of the rear of plow where it mounts to truck, with it off the truck. Also one of your mounts on your truck.
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  5. lawnMaster5000

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    Sucks you are having problems with your plow, you guys are actually getting some snow this year.

    If you already replaced your a-frame I would think the next place to look would be the truck side mount. It is possible it got bent and is fixable. If the plow itself is bent or slightly twisted I am not sure that is something you will be able to fix short of buying a new mold board.

    If you post some more pictures I try to help you figure out what is causing the problems. I will also try to remember to look at my plow and see if I can figure out what is causing these problems.

    Also, there was a dealer in Jeff City. I am not sure if he is still a dealer for blizzard but he would be a lot closer and would probably be able to help you find and fix the problem.

    Best of luck to you, Blizzards are great, but it sucks living in MO with one.
  6. Indy

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    ......take it to a body shop, they can put it on a rack while it is on your truck and tweak it back with chains and hydraulics. It bent in one direction, bend it backwesport
  7. Mark Witcher

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    You said you put on a new truck side mount, but did you check to be sure the truck frame is not bent also? If you bent the plow frame its very likely you bent the truck as well. Also the drivers side will wear more than the passenger side because most people spend much more time with plow angled to the right when plowing. This causes the left side to wear faster.
  8. Lowes

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    If it was bent, then you bend it back you will just have a week plow. The stress on the metal will cause furture failure unless the frame is braced after it is bent.
  9. Sharpcut 1

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    Look at the wing on your right (pass) side. You can clearly see the pin is bent at the point where it attaches to the slide box. That is one of your problems. Also check for a bent a-frame, but Blizzard a-frames are pretty strong. Good luck, JOHN
  10. Quality SR

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    Man that sucks. Sorry to hear that. Why couldnt you try and bolt a piece of steel over the wing. Like make a longer cutting edge that will hit the ground. Atleast to get you through the winter and then go to the dealer in the spring to get it fixed. JMO
  11. fastjohnny

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    I've seen bent a frames. on blizzards... also bent truck frames, may be both I'd say.

    Cut that wing pin flush with the bushing, try driving it out, if it wont due to never being greased, drill it out.
  12. mulcahy mowing

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    How was the plow angled when you hit the other truck? what part of the other truck did you hit? check the mount on the truck they have a tenancy to bend on the 810's I'm willing to bet that its not the A frame on the plow but it's the mount it's an easy fix and allot cheaper than a new plow. Take the plow off the truck and check out the mounts. when I bought my plow there were two 810's that had bent the truck side mounts. not sure about the 810 a frame but my speedwing's is tough.

    EDIT* just read the post again just realized you replaced the truck mounts sorry about that...good luck!
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  13. OP

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    Ok I finally got the plow off and took the truck in. Its the A frame. Truck side is fine and you can see the A frame is bent when you stand back. I'll take some pics and get them loaded. Funny thing is you can't see anywhere on the plow where the frame is bent
  14. clncut

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    Ive been reading more and more on people bending these frames. I bent mine back in early Jan. Had the blade angled and cought a lip on a concrete driveway and thats all it took. Twisted the aframe and moldboard. Had the same problem as you described. Ended up getting a whole new plow. Luckily nothing on the truck side was damaged!

  15. OP

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    Well here are some of the pics. dont know if you can tell the frame is straight and the plow isnt, or vice versa.

    Any suggestions on how to fix this?




  16. Jerre Heyer

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    A frame is twisted. Body shop straighten and deal with it for the time being or replace the A frame. Have several that have done the body shop frame machine route and it's held up so don't discount that for not holding up.

  17. jhook

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    Wow, I never thought you could bend the A-Frame on these things - there is a lot of metal in there. I would have been worried about the frame on the truck but the picture is pretty clear.
  18. lubricity

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    They are completely junk. The one we bought three years ago is great. The new one last year bent. We thought the driver hit something and didn't tell us. it is next to impossible to straighten. You need a "big" press and then that might not do it. The "A" frame is about $500 to $600. So we put a new one on. Now this one is cracked on both sides at the welds and bent again. That is 4 small storms.
    Obviously they cheapened them up in two years. We babied this one "the boss used it". It is worst than yours.
    Good luck,
    Blizzard is the worst designed and supported plow out there.
  19. Mark Oomkes

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    Why did you post this? It isn't like it helps him fix the problem.

    Exactly, I think you have a bent A-frame (I would never argue with Jerre) and a bent wing.

    What an ignorant comment. (Hope quadplower isn't reading) Worst designed just because you've bent some a-frames? Try Meyers if you want bent a-frames.

    Support is based on the dealer and obviously there are some bad ones. But don't throw out the entire line of plows because of some bad dealers.
  20. rjfetz1

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    Exactly, I think you have a bent A-frame:dizzy: I think the votes are in, if I was you I would check your a-frame.......:eek: