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Is there a website that I can get precip. amounts and other weather info for March 4, 5, and 6 2002? I need to get this info incase I'm named in a lawsuit when a guy slipped and fell at a Wendy's I plow/salt.

My log stated there was a dusting at 8:30 am, but I didn't salt and wrote "wind blowing pretty strong, cold 20 degrees, P-lot dry and the snow (dusting) blowing off. Walkways clear and lot clear 90% - no calcium or rock salt needed".


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RB - and anyone else whose "location" is not shown - just go to your Profile by clicking on "Profile" at the top of the page.

Once you're on that page, click on "Edit profile", scroll down to "Location" and enter your information. City/state is fine, it's just to give everyone a general idea of where you are geographically. That can be important info for many reasons - such as sourcing down weather records ;)


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Southwestern Pa.

The National Climatic Data Center.

I found that one through the Pittsburgh NWS page. It looks like there's more weather information available there than mere mortals could ever want to see. It also looks like you might need to pay a nominal fee for exactly the record you're looking for, but if there's a lawsuit brewing it just might be worth it.

What *we* did won't help you in court, but I'll look up what time we serviced our accounts on those dates. (Can't do that tonight though...) My recollection is that all the salt customers got service, some twice. The cold front came through in a hurry and some places got a coating, but (in some, but not all locations), the pavement was warm enough to turn it to a thin layer of slush, then the temp dropped so fast that the slush froze, and that ice got a further dusting on top of it. The 24 hour type places got taken care of in the evening, and the rest got done before they opened in the morning.

(Now editing the post and contradicting myself, maybe)....

I thought that might have been the event that caused me to post the thread about my cracking windshield, but I just looked and I posted that on 3/22. Maybe I'm confusing the two events? :confused: (Any comments from the peanut gallery about my decreasing mental agility and my increasing age will be accepted graciously, but duly noted with an eye toward vengance at a later date...) ;)
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