I Made a Stupid Mistake

Discussion in 'Truck & Equipment Repair' started by BlueRam2500, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. BlueRam2500

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    Sucked up a darn newspaper in my snowblower. It is wedged in one of the inner blades right under the chute. Can't reach it from the top of the auger, tried that already. I looked at the back of the machine and don't see a way to take the machine apart to get it out. Anyone have any tips on how to get it out? I have the machine sitting in my garage and hopefully it will dry out tomorrow and then I can get it out.
  2. Sydenstricker Landscaping

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    My grandpa did that, and he just lit it on fire with his torch, LOL. Dont let it get too crazy though
  3. fireball

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    propane torch and a pair of pliers
  4. kcplowmata

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    turn the blades by hand in reverse?
  5. Indy

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    .....I found about (+ -) 4000 ft dog lead that was cable and just under the surface, not sure what scared me more the sound of in going into the blower or watching it apear out of the snow like a trap........

    bolt cutters got it out, but now sparky can only go a couple feet, but he has a couple dozen leads to choose from........(LOL)

    It's funny now but like always it happened when I was moven good and cover'n ground.

    Good luck dispatching the dispatch!!:salute:
  6. JD Dave

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    That's what I did after I couldn't reverse it.
  7. ABES

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    i have sucked up many newspapers with a kubota with a blower on the front but they just shot across the lawn lol.
  8. Quality SR

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    I cant tell you how many times i have done that. And what makes it worse is it happens at my moms house. LOL. My mom knows the newspaper lady so she gives us extra papers. But she throws them out her window, so they go all over the drive way. I heated mine with a torch also, but be careful. I also used something to pry off pieces of the paper just enough then i pulled it out. Make sure the blower is off and the plug is pulled before you do that. Good luck
  9. SnowplowingTom

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    Lots of water

    Water works great, i sucked up some papers and i got the garden hose out and let the newspaper get wet and it falls apart and easy to pry out.
  10. fireball

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    New York Times Sunday edition, a snowblower stopper anytime. Don't believe me, ask my buddy John McCain
  11. creativedesigns

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    Try pressure washing it out. It should get soggy enough, it will come out in clumps!