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I Just "Got Narrow"......!

Discussion in 'Blizzard Plows Discussion' started by Allagash, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. Allagash

    Allagash Senior Member
    Messages: 159

    Well, after much going back and forth as to which plow to buy I finally made a decision. I was going back and forth between a new 810 and a new 800. I was close to calling my local RI Blizzard dealer (he seems like a great guy) to book the appointment, but I decided to check out the Blizzard 800 that was advertised for sale in CT on this site a couple of weeks ago. I looked at it today on a whim and picked it up for $2,000. It's last years model and is in excellent condition. I'm pretty excited and happy about my decision.

    The reason I went with the 800 over the 810 is that I'm new to plowing and currently have zero commercial accounts (aka - parking lots) and only a handful of driveways. Secondly, for the price I paid for the 800, I made the right move.

    Now I'm planning the insall. I just downloaded the PDF off of Blizzar's website and will be installing it in two weeks when I get back from vacation.

    Anyone know where there are up close pics of a Blizzard install or just pics of the the way the plow frame mounts up to the truck frame?
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  2. brad welch

    brad welch Member
    Messages: 48

    plow mount

    pull front bumper, plates go on frame rails flat sides to inside,, access holes in frame for bolts one is a pain but is do-able, mount push bar , tighten push bar bolts then frame hangar bolts and replace front bumper.. pretty easy not to bad to do beats dodges all to hell push bar should be 12.5 inches off ground to the center of push beam good luck got a fax i can fax install to you call me at 217-520-7569 brad