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I hope the forecasters are WRONG!


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NWS update at around 4 this afternoon has us looking at 7-14" with temps in the 30s. I guess I must be getting old but I really don't want this. After the clusterflop that we had the last storm I'm gunshy. New tranny in the 2500, replaced the differential mount that kept breaking on one S-10 and checked otu the other S pretty good but I'd be just as happy to get a 4-6" hit that I know we could deal with easily. The banks have been melting back some, so we've got a little room to put snow but the gravel drives are softened up a lot. I'll keep the urethane edge on those if I can, that will help some on the difference between plowing snow and bulldozing. I'd like the revenue from a two push storm, but I won't relax until this one is over or fizzles out.

mdb landscaping

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Glastonbury, CT
i was up in Jay vermont last weekend skiing at jay peak. i couldnt beleive how much snow you guys have up there. they mustve stacked the snow with a crane bucket. i dont even see how a loader could stack it so high. hope it works out for you.


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I just put the plow back on tonight to be ready for morning. Weatherbug says 8"-14". Driveway is dirt and gravel and it's been thawing for several days, so it should be interesting.


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MDB, I live 1 hour north of jay peaks, and they have greats condition over White mountain, same about Owls Head, Sutton and Orford on our side of the border.

Last years I went to Jay in feb. and scratch my board. Even on the top snow condition were no good, a lot of rocks and even the small evergreens were not covered by the snow.

SlimJim Z71

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Cary, IL
Man... I don't envy some of you guys that have gotten this much snow. It seem like every time I hear you guys talk about an upcomming storm, it's bringing anywhere from 6" to 30"+ your way. You guys must be up to your neck in the stuff. Good luck!



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And it'll probably be the wet & heavy variety too. Good luck guys & gals. Jay peak had gotten 480" of snow as of last week!! Last weekend I was at Sugarbush which is probably 3 hours south of there and they had tons of snow as well. For you skiers & boarders, I highly recommend going to Vermont, I can't remember conditions that good.

matthew Urban

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I wouldn't mind the snow but right now I don't have time.
I'm in the middle of a major construction project at work.
I am pretty much the GC on the job, so no time for snow.
And we only have about another 4 weeks of "window" before we are in trouble.
Its agonna be a long spring.