I have plowed and have the equipment


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for you guys who don't want to help why the hell do you waste your time answering the post. And for you guys who have tried to help thanks a million. I have plowed but never for myself this will be my first season on my own.

Thanks again to the person who help with sending me a contract .

I have two 3/4 ton pickups with v-plows
snow blowers, and I have loader and dump truck
I hope this answers your question.

SlimJim Z71

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Ooookay. I'm thinkin your other thread got off to a bad start. Everyone in here is more than willing to help others out, there is no doubt in my mind to that. But, when you ask for someones contract your first time on the board, people tend to view it as somewhat of a hit and run. Some of us have spent a LOT of time writing and re-writing our contracts... so you should understand why we're not handing them out to everyone. I apologize if you were under the impression that no one wanted to help, but your thread sounded like some others that have come and gone, and left no useful information behind them. If you'd contributed information in the past, and were a regular on this board, I may have sent you a copy of my contract. But to come on here asking for a free copy of something that I've spent probably 7-hours working on, I didn't think much of it. Please don't take offense to this, but if you hang around here for a while, you'll learn a lot, and probably help a lot. Good luck with getting the bid!



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Well sorry your first post brought out a bad appearance of plowsite.

I am willing to help memembers as much as I can. However I had to pay a lawyer to write my contract because of some of the places we service. One of the agreements that I had to sign when he wrote the contract that I would be the only one using it. There for I can not share it with other people, or I would.

Good Luck this winter.



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I believe i said you could call me if you liked as i really didnt want to share my contract over the internet as some of my competitors post here or at least read the site.Like others here it took quite a bit of time to create my own contract yet i would be happy to dicuss with you how i write my contracts but not on this forum.This is a great forum and i have learned a lot from others here.I feel your bad luck with responses should not persuade you to stop posting as many here are very willing to help.
John Parker

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