I have been using Snowsport for plus 5 yrs and have to laugh!

Discussion in 'SnowSport®' started by 2boatornot2boat, Jan 12, 2011.

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    I have been using Snowsport Snowplow now for more then 5 years. I use it for my office driveway which is 5500sq ft blacktop and 3000 sq ft stone out back. I have it attached to an old Ranger 4×4. I must say this blade has paid for itself 100x’s over if not more. It goes from blacktop to gravel without an issue. The one time my truck was not running, I had to have a commercial plower do lot, he charged me $120.00 each time he came through and when he did my back lot with stone, he ended up pushing all the stones to end of driveway thus costing me time and money to have a bobcat return the stones to where they belong. Not only do I do my office, I do my personal drive, my parents drive and take care of some older people in town. This blade has never failed me be it 4 inches of snow, or the record 30 inches we had last yr in NJ…. I can not say enough about this blade, and the fact there is NO hydraulic lines to freeze or electric parts to fail just makes it that much better. You have to LOVE the KISS factor with this blade.......
    In all this time, all I have had to do or replace on it is; I opted to buy the directional mounting, for when I bought it, that was not available.

    Why do I have to Laugh!? My blade has NEVER gotten Stuck Up or down on a site!!!! wesport
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    I plowed all last year with my snowsport and loved it. I bought in in spring a few years ago for $175. This year I bought a bigger truck and a full western plow but I can't bring myself to sell it. I keep it for a backup on my explorer :)
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    Yep! Lol!

    I researched this plow for 2 + yrs. finally purchased it and have run it almost 4 full winters successfully.
    The initial investment was fairly low and it has paid for itself many times over.
    With all this said, I'm in the process of trying to move to a fully hydro. driven blade.