I had a VERY BAD day...

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by SlimJim Z71, Dec 21, 2000.

  1. SlimJim Z71

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    Started out this morning with about 4-5" of snow on the ground. The real cold stuff that's easy to plow.

    Well, about 4:30am, I started having very bad chest pains, my back started hurting, and I could barely breathe. I didn't finally break down and go to the hospital until about 8:30am. I figured I had just twisted wrong or something.

    I get to the hospital only to find out that my right lung had collapsed. WHAT?!?! How did this happen? I didn't hit anything, I wasn't doing anything strenuous. No answers. It's now 4:48pm, I have a tube coming out of my chest, and I'm INCREDIBLY sore.

    Good thing I got all my accounts done before this happened. Looks like I'm gonna be teaching my wife how to plow...

    Moral of this story? Take care of yourselves!!!

  2. JCurtis

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    Hope you feel better soon.

    Happy Holidays
  3. guntruck

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    Sorry to hear that Tim, hope it all works out ok!!
  4. Eric ELM

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    Tim, sorry to hear this. Sounds like we might get a break on the Saturday storm, sounds like just light snow. If you need a hand, I plow just down the road from where you work, so I could handle that one for you if needed.
  5. OP
    SlimJim Z71

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    Thanks guys... I appreciate it. I just don't want anyone else in here to have to go through that! Do you know how they fix a collapsed lung? Ever seen "Three Kings" where he basically stabs the guy in the chest with a needle? YOU GOT IT!!! I was not happy.

    Make sure you cover your face up really well when going back and forth between that nice warm truck and the cold outdoors! I have a feeling that's what did me in.

    Eric ELM:

    Thanks buddy. I appreciate it. I have to go back to the hospital in the morning to get another X-ray done and HOPEFULLY get rid of this freakin tube! If all goes well, I should be able to go back at it pretty soon. If not, I just may get a hold of you. I gonna see how well I can drive in the morning, and if I can't, I gonna try to teach my wife to plow... (with me operating the plow.)

    This is not a good thing to happen so soon in the season!

  6. John DiMartino

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    Tim,take care of yourself,dont push it to hard to fast,its easy to do that,and yes get your wife out there plowing,mine has been plowing,helping me for 6 yrs now.My wife had gotten us many accounts,the customers are drawn to her and she does top notch work.Women seem to do just as good at plowing,if not better than most men from my experience.I hope you get better soon,have a good holiday.
  7. John Allin

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    You're alive. That's a great holiday gift.

    Take care of yourself first. Great advice on your part. The snow can wait, so can the customers. Lots of guys here that can help. I know some plowers in your area too - if needed I'll make a couple calls for you. Feel free to ask, or call.

    Best of luck to you.
  8. John Allin

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    Wait a minute !!

    Damaged lung? Holes in your chest?

    And... you're on Lawnsite ????

    You be addicted, dude.
  9. OP
    SlimJim Z71

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    Yes... I'm an addict. I have come to admit it now.

  10. Psyclopse

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    You take it easy on yourself and get well. If you need help, let those who offered give you a hand. Have a good holiday, and get well.
  11. Stonehenge

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    Well, I'm glad that you're at least AT HOME logging into Lawnsite. I was picturing you finding a free phone line in your hospital room and hooking up a laptop...

    Take care of yourself.
  12. OP
    SlimJim Z71

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    Thanks again guys! It's nice to have this kind of support, especially around the holidays.

    My main reason for telling all this was to show everyone else what can happen. I've been eating well (I thought), but I havn't gotten a whole lot of sleep. Just keep yourselves healthy! Drink lots of water, keep your skin covered, and take it easy on your bodies!!!

    Stonehenge, I don't have a laptop, and I'm not trapped in the hospital. But... if I were, you can bet I'd try!



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  13. slplow

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    Tim, sorry to hear about what happend. Get well soon.
  14. OP
    SlimJim Z71

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    Wife got me a CD writer for Christmas!!! Gave it to me early since I had this whole ordeal today! AND... and... and... my sister in law bought me an apple pie!

    Sympathy is good sometimes!

    Thanks again guys!

  15. landscaper3

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    Take it easy Tim and you and your family have a merry xmas. Also i thought that was terrific on Eric's offer, I will tell you people like that are very rare.
  16. OP
    SlimJim Z71

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    Yes, I admit... you guys are a great group! You've all been VERY nice to me, as well as very helpful... to a complete stranger!

    You guys are all right! I'd like to get all of you together and get y'all a round of beer or something. You guys have been a great help to my wife and I. Thanks!

  17. RB

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    Get well (or at least well enough to plow) ;)

    I pretty new to this forum, but I can tell you very well liked here. You can bet we would all help you plow if we were close to ya!

    Hang in there and take it easy. Like John said the snow can wait. And...it bet you and your wife will make a good plow team. When you're better I tell ya about the time my wife helped me and almost ran me over in the truck!! lol

  18. DaveO

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    Rest up and enjoy the holidays. GLAD your OK!! You can just send your snow up to the SE Mass area and I'll cover ya...LOL.

    Take care of yourself....

  19. matthew Urban

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    Thats one h*ll of a way to get a few days off.
    Take care and get a little rest.
  20. GeoffD

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    Happy Hollidays.

    Hope ya feel better soon.

    2001 will be a better year man.