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After months of searching, I finally found a used plow for a fair price. Some of you may snarl when I tell you it's a 3 yr old 8' Hiniker. I went against the advise of some postings. But I really couldn't pass it up. It looks like new and the owner bought another Hiniker to replace it. The local dealer also assured me he hasn't had any problems with Hinikers unless they were severely abused.

So I now need to hang it on my '86 F250 (w/351, Reg.cab 8'). I ordered the mounts for my truck and now have an extra mount for a Chevy. I believe it fits '88 to '98 Chevs. I also have the adapters for the light harness. Can anyone give me advise as to how to sell them over the net, asside from ebay.

I want to thank all of you for your info on this site. It has been a valuable tool. I am just going to do my own 1000' driveway and maybe a neighbors or two. If all goes well maybe I will expand next year. I am new to plowing but I feel like I am experience because of the info from you guys.

According to some posts I should put a second battery in my truck. Is there anything else a Ford guy should know about plowing with an older (but solid) truck.

I feel like one of the gang now. I look forward to the posts when the snow actually starts to fly. It is unseasonably warm (60-65) but they say white stuff is coming after Thanksgiving.


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I wish you luck. Not to be mean but I would line up a place to get parts. Maybe order a few spares. (this is a good idea with any brand) I would also find a welder that will help you in a pinch as welds on the Hiniker seem to be a weak point.


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As far as selling via the 'net, other than E-bay the only other thing I know of is the Used Equipment Marketplace over at www.lawnsite.com (your username/password from here should work over there since the two sites are "related")

CT18's right about having access to spares/repair, it's a good idea no matter what brand of plow you have.

With regard to the older truck, I don't know where it's at right now with regard to maintenance, but I'd suggest making sure everything is up-to-date on the maintenance end of things BEFORE the snow starts.

Again, I don't know what shape your truck is in overall but if you're working it hard, you may find a number of what I call "idiot" or "nuisance" problems crop up - for example, brake line leaks. From what you posted about the number of driveways you're doing, I don't think you should have any real problems though! :)

Couple of transmission related topics, assuming you have an automatic: make sure you've got a good cooler on there and remember to come to a complete stop before shifting between "R" and "D"

If you haven't already, check out www.snowplowing-contractors.com too.

Don't worry about the 60 - 65 temps: You'll get your share of the white stuff soon enough, I bet! :D

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