I didnt know!


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Bettendorf, Iowa
I have been a member of lawnsite and arboristsite for a while and I did not know about this one! Good know I can listen everybody talk about the snow there getting! Im in Iowa and I dont think its ever gonna snow! High today.......50+!


Western CT
Welcome to Plowsite! You will recognize many of the same people from Lawnsite on here. Lots of information. Like Lawnsite please do a search before a new post, many things have been discussed already. Feel free to add to them and to ask new questions. Snow will come soon.


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Just thinking out loud.............. hmmmmmm. I wonder if posts like this ever get deleted once the discussion has stopped, since in a few months, there would be no useful information for future searches. hmmmmm

Maybe I'll search for "hmmmmm" in a couple months.

BTW sgreanbean, welcome to plowsite.