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Ok<p>I want to say i am sorry for providing any wrong information.<p>Ok yes i guess i have pushed Diamond and Fisher plows a lot. The reason is simple, I live in the state they are built in. You guys living in NJ, MA, NY and other states have tons of industry. Only if Fisher or Diamond were to close down even know they don't employ a ton of people it would be major economic down turn to my fellow mainers. Maine has very little industry compared to the rest of the country, and like i have said before Diamond almost closed. I used to be a die hard Fisher man to 1995, then i went to Diamond it was because i wanted a good mounting system. Up to 95 i never had owned a Diamond always fisher. Anyways Diamond almost went under during the late 80s and early 90s, then Meyer saved them. I don't want to see the Fisher or Diamond plant close, i don't want to see my fellow Mainers out of work, even if i have never met them before. Maine is a small state, just a little over 1 million people, one area code for the whole state good old 207, how many other states are like that? That is the biggest reason for supporting Fisher and Diamond. <p>Again i am sorry if i have taken anyone down the wrong path. I do know that we all have a product that we believe in more than others Diamond just happens to be mine.<p>Geoff

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goeff,<br>I personly dont thinkyou have given any wrong information.All of that you and eveyone else have said in all of the post have been a great help to me this year! It is great to have this fourm to ask questions and get ansers especiley for us new comers.Idont think anyone has a wrong anser or has been misleading ,thay have just telling what thay like and have had good luck with.when i go to buy a new plow toy i will look at the old fourems and see who likes what and why,then go look at the differeent manufacturs and make my own mind as to which one is best for me. All the input from all the people on the fourem helps make all of us make a better decestion and for that i would like to thank everyone<br>p.s sorry for all the spelling mistakes i'am the worlds worst speller <p>----------<br>Todd <br>


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Hey Tru Cut, I also have a problem with spelling, When universal spell check is unavailable, (The Wife) I just cut and paste out of MS Word. It has spell check. And really works good<br>Geoff, You say what you like and that’s what its all about.<br>Troy<br>


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Geoff dont worry about that buddy. You have a product that works well and you want others to try it. Best of all it is made in your home state. Spread the word.<br>Now if I can just get you off that ford thing.(LOL)<br>Cudos to meyer for putting money into a real plow company.<br>And who knows where fisher or western would be with out Douglas Dyanmics buying them.<br>You are a good honest man who makes me laugh and think. Sharing isdeas and experience with out the bs.<br>That is what C Smith wanted for this forum to be about.<br>Dino<p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment www.sima.org

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I am sort of late jumping on the band wagon,GeoffDiamond you are ok in my book,just join SIMA if you already havent.TRUCUT,YORTENGEL,and and of course PLOWKING35,i agree with all you guys,this forum is a great tool for all who use it and the honest and candid remarks made in this forum are what make it so great,oh and one more thing IF YOU HAVE NOT JOINED S.I.M.A. YOU SHOULD DO SO IMMEDIATLY THANKS AND MY SPELLING SUCKS TO<p>----------<br>J PARKER<br>914-485-4200


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Ok<p>How much is SIMA? I tried to find a website www.sema.org but no good.<p>What do they give you for info? Does it come every month or every 3 or 4 months or what?<p>Geoff
Geoff,<p>The organization is SIMA and the web site is www.sima.org. Teh www.sema.com is a interesting one i know for you because it is the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association and it deals with cars trucks and the like. It is a huge organization.<p>As was said before SIMA is great, contact Tammy and she'll get you all the information you want. I joined last year and will stay with this group forever.<p>Vince