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Well I am alive and well, albeit a little tired.We started plowing at 12 noon on Monday and finished everthing by 5 pm on tuesday. All residentials, all commercials every last one. All walks were done as well.
What went wrong this time, not to much.
My chevy as usual was flawless, that truck is the best plow truck I have ever used. Snow fall amounts ranged from 6" in Mystic,to 15" near my house.I tell you, on long driveways the v position is real handy.
We had one truck that was blocked in at an account, tree fell over the road, and he couldnt get by. Went to the town garage, and told them about it, this town has the best of everything, yet sent two guys with hand says to cut it up, I coulnt believe it. Well no sooner was the tree moved, that the truck lost a hydro line. I had and extra one on the truck and had the plow up and running in 10 minutes.
Not more than 1/2 later, sub calls in and he blew a line, so off to rescue him, with the other spare line that I had.
Other than that no breakdowns.
About 1 pm tuesday,got a call from the ford driving sub in my crew, and low and behold, he was stuck. Off I go again and pull him out. The 9' plow full of this wet concrete, pushed the rear of the truck off the driveway. I pull in and around his truck, drop the v plow and cut right through the slop, I love that v. I hook the strap to the ford, and just a little tug and he was out. I am really thinking of lettering "RESCUE" on the side.
Spent the last two days stacking and moving, with one more left to go. Might get some FR tonight.
Well I hope all others had a good storm. My daughter tells me before I leave on monday, " Daddy have a safe snow storm"
She is so sweet.

Chuck Smith

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I was about to send out a St. Bernard to look for you! I figured you got hit hard, and have been out plowing $$$$ oops, I mean snow. This was an odd storm for us too. We got 12" where my brother plows, 4 - 5" where I live, and 16" where I work, 30 miles northwest of where I live. The 16" was wet, but not as wet as the 12" or the 4 - 5" we got here.


SlimJim Z71

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We're going to get some weird stuff today too. It's about 50-degrees out right now (6:30am), after noon we're supposed to start losing the warmth RAPIDLY, which is going to turn all this rain we're getting to freezing rain, then snow. I think I'll put my plow back on just in case. We all know how reliable the weather is around here...



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$$ I like the line about plowing dollars, Chuck. My buddies give me a hard time when it snows 'cause I like to look up and sing Pennies From Heaven. Funny though they sure get over it when they need their drive plowed out.

Happy Plowing


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Dino, We had about 18" in all the areas that we plow. We started around 11.30 am Monday and finished up plowing and doing walks around 8.00pm Tuesday. Went back out at 4am Wed to salt/sand and cleanup/touchup areas. We started hauling Wed. night and did some stacking on Thusday day and night. We are taking today off, thank god we didn't get that ice, and we are stacking and hauling all weekend. I have our 2 yard loader and Ford F800 hauling and a friend of mine has his 3 yard loader and two Mack Tri-axles starting tomorrow 7am and working all weekend, we have to stack and haul four schools and two factories. We had a pretty good storm not much broke it was just hard getting everyone to keep working, other than that all went well. And the pusher edge worked excellent.
About the vee position Dino - we too have had the heavy stuff here and we really rely on that position. We each have broken open areas and roads that our old straight blade would have left us sideways in the ditch. Neither one of us has been stuck this year, and its the heaviest winter in 4 years - wonder of wonders. Brand names aside, get a Vee.

Mike Nelson

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Nice to hear from you again!
Sorry we didn't get to have dinner with you and your lovely wife.We will be back someday.:D
Need to get a price on a u blade for our 16' plows.
P.S. How is Laureen doing?
After a week like this you're lucky tat your daughter still recognizes her daddy ;). Its good to have family support huh. SlimJim Tim, its 9:30 am 100 miles to your west and still raining. My accounts are calling to make sure I have salt when the slick stuff hits. Been out the last 3 days salting graval lots and drives, some I don't have accounts with, and hauling ag lime for traction. Damndest winter I've seen yet!

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