Hypothetically Speaking, If we were all engineers...

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Deere John, Jun 13, 2000.

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    I had the opportunity to discuss, argue with and beat on the sales manager for Arctic plows when he visited North Bay last week. They are changing their line which is good to see more innovation, but I was left feeling like they were trying to please their competition rather than their (loyal) customers. <p>So... since its summer and we have time to think about winter times, I have a question for all the experienced and regular members of this great BB.<p>If we were all engineers (without the obligatory ego) in the same room working for the same outfit, what would we build?? Our financier has given the go-ahead for a full product line: straight and vee plows, sanders and pull plows. Its an opportunity to take the best from each design we've used and drop the worst.<p>For me, I prefer:<br>out-front mounted pump, under a cover<br>quick-attach system that truly works as claimed<br>plastic pump reservoir for easy checking<br>high lift/stacking ability, yet be close to the truck<br>grease fittings on all pivots<br>quick-change ability on all wear parts and fittings<br>four-way reversible cutting edges<br>blade trip on the straight plows and edge trip on the vees<br>30&quot; blade height with 17 degree cutting-edge angle and a deep roll.<p>I can go on, but, as my wife tells me, I apparently don't know everything. Next...<br><p>----------<br>John<br>
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    I'd add in:<br> Down pressure<p> Galvanized everywhere, there are colored galvanizing available so you could g around the silver glow of new zinc.<p>
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    Id like hydraulically-adjustable blade pitch (fore/aft) to cope with changing conditions without pulling pins, repositioning in holes, etc.<p>Bill
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    I would like to see the back of all blades painted black to reduce glare. Optional wing packages on 9 and 10' blades. The wings produced by the plow manufacture, no from another company. IE Fisher builds a wing for it 9 and 10 MC plows. <p>Geoff
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    Everything above, but for a v-plow;<br>a blizzard plow type design where you can have scoop,pusher, v-plow, normal, and 10ft plow. Also, like the curtis sno pro 3000 plows-hydraulics on the a-frame and the super quick mounting system(let me tell you i hooked one up in like 45 seconds!! their mounting system is awesome, check it out!) Another thing would be to have something like frink has on their plows where air rams bend the plow and can change the pitch,etc(like bill said). Also, for big streets or roads, extra plumbing to support a small 5' or 6' wing plow. Extra lighting a must, along with an outlet in the fron where the wiring harness plugs in to power other accesories in the summer.Dino? Chuck?<p><br>Bryan<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;http://www.snowplow.web.com&quot;&gt;The Snowplow Homepage&lt;/a&gt;<br>
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    Actually we will see some of these improvement before to long I bet, alot of them might only be seen on the 450/550 chassis and up.<br>What I would like to see from the truck makers, is what Bryan touched on for extra lighting. built in taps in the rear for extra work light, with out taxing the small wiring they currently have in place.<br>Also they could pre wire for power packs, so that all we need to so is install the actual units, plug and play if you will.<br>When we repaint our plows, the backs are black.<br>Dino<p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment www.sima.org<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: plowking35
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    Good point Dino about the lighting. Any plow-package equipped truck should come wired for the headlights, strobe and backup lights. All lighting is basically the same, regardless of brand. <br>Geoff's point; I guess all the older Fisher plows were black on the back - makes sense. I knew one guy years ago who painted his hood flat black to keep the glare down. Keep going<p>----------<br>John<br>
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    I would like to see the control unit placed in a maner that would allow you to shift gears and operate the plow at the same time while steering with the other hand. Kind of a hands on stick & thottle type of thing.
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    I get close to that with my Sno-Ways, hold the control box under my left and and shift/steer with my right. No reaching for anything as the box sits right on my leg. We stuck some non-skid rubber stuff on the back so it stays put on your pants so you never have to chase it.