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  1. turbo5560

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    anyone using a hypertech programmer on a gas engine? Any big improvement as far as milage goes? 8-10 on highway is just not cutting it for me. Need to improve that some how.
  2. Q101ATFD

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    You won't see any change in mileage using an off-the-shelf programmer. You might pick up 1 or 2 MPG if you get a professional dyno-tune, or a mail-order ECM upgrade. I can't think of any of the mail-order sites off the top of my head right now. The best way I've found to improve my highway mileage is to stay at 65 or under - it may take a few extra minutes of road time, but you I've gotten 16 MPG going 55 on long trips with my 5.7L and my 6.0L.
  3. Earthscapes

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    I disagree. I used hypertechs on all my previous 6.0L trucks and picked up an average of 2-3 mpg on the highway. I would average 16-17 on he highway @ 70 mph.

    I don't notice a fuel increase at all on the diesels, but the fun factor plays in there :D
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    any performance changes with the hypertech at all?
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    I used a hypertech programmer on my wife's S10 Blazer along with a cold air intake. I haven't noticed any improvments in fuel economy, but I don't know how to keep off the go pedal b/c it goes so much better now. I also went up in tire size and reprogrammed for tires as well. Did notice that on a long trip, milage increases a couple mpg's. The driveablilty is what really increased, even after a week, she noticed it and she doesn't notice anything when it changes in vehicles, kinda like men and women's haircuts.
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    ya... i know what you mean. I was once told this...
    "if you go outside and push your truck across the parking lot it might be a little difficult, but if I help you push it would be a little easier."
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    I run one in my 6.0 with a CA intake. I only noticed 1-2 mpg better if that. I primarily installed it for pulling/towing. I drive it like an old granny and can only get around 12 hwy unloaded and around 7 plowing or towing. On long road trips, unloaded I can get around 13.
    Either way it still all sucks but what do ya do when your in this line of business. You need a full size truck with a gas guzzling motor to get the job done. I can't wait for the new 2500HD Chevy/Gmc 6.0 hybrid to come out. As soon as it's released I'm buying one.