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I used my plow this morning-no problem. went home put in all new bolts "lift arm,top-bottom pump"etc. drive to carwash,on the way my plow starts dropping slowly. if left up for 45sec. it will be on the ground.I've NEVER had this kind of problem. can someone tell me what's going on please?I know you guys are going to tear me a new one,but it came with the truck. It's a meyers E-47! IF YOU CAN LOOK PAST THAT FACT PLEASE help me!!!! I'm lost


Yep i agree with Geoff, seems you have a leak somehwere thats causing the cylinder to drop. Check it out and let us know.


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uncle bob, here to help, If the blade drops straight down it's the "a" valve on the back side of the unit take it out and check the o rings...

If the blade drops and angles check your b valve,which is the one in front(red wire)make sure its clean and moves freely...

if this doesn't help dissassemble the lift ram and check te piston assembly....
good luck...

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