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Quick question: We have a bunch of hydraulic hammers and drills at the shop from years ago, but we don't (and never did) have a hydraulic unit to run them. I know there is a way to run them off of the aux. hyd. on a bobcat loader but I wasn't sure which valve/fitting to use.

Anyone have any experience with this??

Thanks in Advance!


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I also have a hydro Jack hammer I am going to try on my skids aux. hyd,I don't think it is a big issue as long as your attachment can handle the pressure.


are hydro tools lighter than their electric or air counterparts? do you think you could run them off a dingo. another question about a dingo, could you run them in a basement. specifically, could you put a breaker on the dingo and bust concrete in a basement. we recently had a job where we made a 20 foot trench through 1 foot of concrete with 2 levels of rebar to put plumbing in for a bathroom. it was tortuously slow with an electric jackhammer.
Most of the ones Ive used run at 5 gpm. There are manifold valves available to connect to your machines hydrauics to regulate the pressure and flow rates. I checked into one when I had a Case backhoe, they ran about $500 for the kit.


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