hydraulics problems w/ a Meyer plow


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Just got a used truck w/ a Meyer electric hydraulic plow E-47 -- getting it to go up is intermittent -- when I went back & forth & back & forth I could get it to go up, but if I just tried to use the up it went left -- I tried to replace hydraulic fluid that had leaked -- I put it in the top and I couldn't get the plow to work after that at all. Now it doesn't go up or down it just makes a clicking sound.
-- I disconnected the chain from the front end to try to get he air out and it squirted fluid out of the nut on top -- it is still in the up position. How do I get it back down when the switch doesn't work?
This is my first experience w/ hydraulics.
Sounds like the lift cylinder may be siezed up, soak the packings with tranny fluid. Loosening the big packing nut may help but you may need to use the BFH (big ??????? hammer) to get the cylinder started moving back down. OR it could be a stuck valve and others would be better able to help diagnosing those problems and offering solutions.


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It was working this moring just fine. I'd hate to take a BFH to it. It just makes the clicking noise now. It seems to be in reasonably good shape otherwise. I disconnected everything and changed a leaky fitting and replaced some hydraulic fluid and that's when things went haywire!

Why would I have to soak it in tranny fluid?


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sounds like too much fluid or a valve is stuck. check wiring to all connections as in red to red and so on. also air breather may be clogged or not working.


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You better explain the "clicking sound" a little more. You said the switch won't work? Since the plow has likely been idle for almost 12 months start with making sure all the connections are clean. The ground connection is critical so be sure it is checked at both ends (no rust). I'll assume since you are new to troubleshooting hydraulics you're new to using a Meyers plow. Set the plow control in the float position and watch your toes as you GENTLY use the BFH, if needed but don't force things!. A properly operating lift cylinder can be retracted with a push of your hand. I had a similar problem with my angle cylinders this fall so I purged the air after cleaning the electrical connections. That didn't work so I removed the solenoids and realized the one of the spools were bent. After replacing it all was OK. I am no expert but this worked for me.

I wouldn't think it should click when attempting to lower the plow because this is accomplished with gravity rather than activating the motor, sounds like some wires are crossed. Sometimes hydraulic cylinders can be overextended causing them to stick, a little gentle persuasion will often get things moving again. Tranny fluid is a great penetrating oil and packing lube.


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My guesses with out seeing it.

Bad + and - power supplies. The wires that come from the battery not the controll wires. That quick disconnect stops working after awhile. If it the pull away system.

If that it is not it, it may be a bad valve or coil. The lift coil and valve, is either a black or red wire. I am not sure which one.

If the coil works, try a new valve. If the coil has no magnatism, try a new coil.



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for the solenoids:

Red- Raise

Green - Right

Black - Down

Hydraulics naturally flow left when power is applied.

A hammer will just make things worse, and possibly broken. Meyer systems are easy to diagnose as long as you know how.

Get a test light and start to diagnose the electrical. Then get a wrench and test for magnetism.

And when you say you filled the resevoir with fluid, was the cylinder in the down position? It needs to be down and when properly filled the fluid will be about 1.5" from the top of the cylinder.

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