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How much horsepower does an average central system take from the truck? I was reading an article in a Mustang Mag (I have a 67) and they were talkin about horsepower robbed by accesories, water pump, power steering, etc. Made me think of the hydro pumps and how much they take from the truck. Any Ideas?
HP required for the pump depends on the flow GPM and pressure PSI.Generaly the rule is the horsepower required is equal to GPM (flow) X PSI (pressure) divided by 1714 or GPM X PSI X .000583.So a 2500 PSI pump with a max flow rate of 15 GPM would rob about 22 HP if it was being used at full capacity.A typical plow pump would rob about 2 HP.Most central hydralic systems are open centre,and only draw power when in use,and when you actually move a lever.When you pull a lever the pump only draws the HP required to drive that actual device.You would only use a lot of HP if you tried to actuate everything in the truck at the same time.If you were actauting a plow,maybe 2-3 HP,where running a salter,with high conveyor and spinner speed,may draw as much as 15 HP.

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