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Question for you all- One of my "plows under construction" is a mixed breed- A Meyer 7.5 plow and A-frame mounted to (another) Western Truck mount with the Western pump. I just got the thing mounted to the truck after having it modified to fit. It's even ready to plow, if I put a pin in to lock the angle.

Anyway, the hydraulic hoses mount up with no modifications just fine, but I wonder about the fluid. The (Meyer) cylinders have a greenish colored fluid in them and the guy I got the plow from was careful to make sure the hoses didn't drag around or get dirty. The Western lift pump has a reddish colored fluid in it.

I have always bought the recommended fluid for whatever plow setup I was working on, and I guess I never paid much attention to the colors of the fluid. Before I plug those hydraulic hoses in, is it OK that the greenish and reddish fluids mix? If not, how do I purge the fluid from the angle cylinders? I did not put the fluids in either of these, so who knows. Help please?!?


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The meyer cylinders have the stock meyer type fluid in them.
Disconnect the hydro lines, and swing the blade left and right, to drain the fluid from them. Next find the drain valve on the western pump, and drain all the red fluid.
Next refill entire system with Dextron III atf. ATF will work fine in the meyer cylinders, but I am not sure if the meyer fluid will work in the western pump. Better to have all new fluid anyway. The western pump was designed to use atf.


Thank you. I guess I don't need an answer for that second topic I posted. I better get out in the garage and plumb that thing up now. It looks like I might get some snow to test this thing out in.


In my Western Book, ( I still ahve it ) it says you can use atf or aircraft hydro fluid.

I use the aircraft hydro fluid, because it works better at colder temps.

Good luck

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