Hurry up and plow...


GreenBay, WI
Hurry up and plow before it melts!!!!

Has anyone else besides myself utter these words?
I had to get out and plow fast last weekend, Temps hit 50 degrees 36 hours after we got 2 inches.
Got my plow before last season and got to use it 4 times now.
I'll stop now before I sound like the "ask mother nature when it's coming" type guy.

Oh well,
Happy Holidays
I'll be inside watching the playoffs.
e me if it starts to snow.



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I've said this to a few customers before. Seasonal ones (not by the push). A few customers would call and I would barely have enough time before I was plowing water. They just wanted to see me work :p


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ditto here, I had customers that called and wanted the lots plowed, but by 2:00pm I was literally using the bobcat to 'scoop' up water, and dump it in my "pile". I think they just want something to look out the window.

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