Human intelligence study being conducted at welding shop:

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The one where I work. Yesterday afternoon, before leaving for the day, I explained where I would like the trucks parked & why. (In one area, lined up beside the 5-ton and close to the building so I could plow the rest of the lot with a minimum of headaches)

You guessed it, go in there at 3:00 am and there's one of the welding trucks right in the (censored) way. :mad: :mad: :mad:

Was by there about 4:00 this afternoon, lot needs plowing again with 6"+ of new powder having fallen today, I notice two of the trucks were still out.

Plowed the area where I want them to park, and only that area.

The "intelligence study" will be completed when I go in there tonight to plow again and see if they parked them in the plowed spot. Betting pool is now open................... :rolleyes:


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My bet is no, they will park them wherever they feel is convenient (to them). If they do happen to park them where you plowed it will probably be for some selfish reason like "I don't want to get snow on my shoes when I jump out of my truck."

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Remsen1 - I feel better knowing I'm not the only one who feels that way! ;)

Actually, now that I think about it, they might use the plowed spot after all for the reason you mention (convenience) since the spot I cleared for them is near the shop door! However, that was NOT why I chose that spot, the 5-ton stays plugged in and by keeping it up by the building there is no extension cord lying out in the parking lot just waiting for the plow to find it! :eek:

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Who's in charge their? You or somebody else? If it's you, chew their a$$, enough stupidity is enough. If not, tell who is in charge and get over it. People do stupid things all the time. Nothing uncommon.

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75 - If they do not park the trucks where you wanted them to, then why not plow onto them? Make a mountain of pile on them. They will find the hard way out and learn from it. :D Then maybe they will start to listen to you. ;)
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Randy - I'm just a "worker bee", although I have been known to chew their a$$ from time to time anyway! :D In a way, maybe it's partly my fault for plowing in the early morning hours - they never see the lot being plowed so maybe they figure it's like a self-cleaning oven.........:rolleyes:

This was made as a "fun" post, though it is true about the truck parking - always wonder what the "obstacle du jour" will be!

Stephen - I did think about building some "truck snowbanks", but that was as far as it got - wouldn't be a very professional thing to do, besides one of 'em was the welding rig I usually drive so I'd likely be the one shovelin' Monday morning...................


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Havng been in this same typical situation before I can tell you what is likely to happen. They will pull in close by the cleared area then go get their personal car and pull it into the cleaned area, clean all the snow off their personal vehicle and hop in mumbling, "there, I guess I made my point, that sob should've cleaned the whole damn yard". They'll also leave their work truk where it was when they unloade. You might have 1 or 2 out of 5 that do it correctly but I have my doubts. I'd plow everything but the area around those trucks and let the big boss deal with them. He'll get the picture when he sees the mess left over in the morning when they leave and the yard is still a mess. GOOD LUCK!!

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Try plowing a convience store during the day, at say 10:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Cars pull in front of you, in back of you, its 100 times worse. All you can do is sit in the cab and wait.


i think they will pull in and park where they may. Then wonder to them selves"why did the plow guy only plow one section" as they leave the lot

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Geoff - I'd be inclined to say it's 1000 times worse plowing something like an "inconvenience" store.

Overall, I like the way it's been working out so far this season: Head out around midnight, generally the snow has stopped by then, and plow the lots in the (deserted) industrial park with no one around.


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Nice word. Last night we heard that a big storm is supposed to hit the Philly area. So after work tonight, I return to my apt. and I was going out for a going away dinner for one of my co-workers.

Knowing its a Friday night and that I'll be out tomorrow and that the diesel might be hard starting, I put two traffic cones in a spot in front of my door, so I could plug the truck in, so I won't have a delay in getting to my site, which has traffic 24 hours a day.

I get back after dinner and find a car in the spot, and the cones tossed on the lawn. Of course I find that half the spaces are still open, so I really wonder why the driver threw the cones aside and had to park in that spot.

If I came back later in the evening, and could not find a space where my cord would reach, I would have blocked him in and plugged the truck in or called a tow truck. You think my neighbors would understand. While apt. residents change over regularly, the driver of this car has been around and seen my company truck here last winter and probably the atv in the back of my own truck last storm. Its amazing how lazy and inconsiderate people are sometimes.

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Test results positive: There is hope for the human race after all!

Just got in, and would you believe it, both the welding trucks were parked where I had cleared earlier in the day........................there's hope for humans after all! :D

Bam - sounds like a case of the "me" factor. I hate welding jobs that have to be done in places like shopping malls during business hours, had one last year. A couple day's work, needed to put the welding rig close to the doors for cable & torch hose to reach, naturally a bunch of people complain to mall management that the welding truck is parked close to the door where THEY want to park.................. :rolleyes: Got so fed up I offered to put in a night shift so the "estupidos" wouldn't be such a nuisance, and in fact that's what ended up being done the next day.


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I put two traffic cones in a spot in front of my door,

This brings up a question. They've said that it's strictly a Pittsburgh phenomenon--the "parking chair".

Here's how it works: It snows a good amount, enough that individual parking spaces on the street need shovelling, and snow piles naturally eliminate some number of available spaces. Once you've got your space cleared, if you need to take your car out you put a chair in the space. A cheap lawn chair, an old kitchen chair--something that's not *too* valuable--it's going to be out in the elements anyway. It's the symbolic meaning that counts. Someone moving that chair out of a space that you've cleared is the equivalent of an act of war. It also applies to any event that draws unnatural numbers of vehicles into your neighborhood--like living near the high school stadium and tonight's the big homecoming game, etc.

Do humans do that anywhere else, or is it just a "Burgh Thing"?

(Obviously, those of you who live and work in the land of long curvy driveways or way out in the country won't have experienced this behavior firsthand, but us city boys know what I mean.)

A few years ago one of the suburban police departments had the borough's public works people confiscate all the parking chairs because they were responding to too many calls about actual fistfights over them.

One neighbor shot and killed another over a "parking chair" incident last year in, its not just 'burgh......maybe its a PA thing.....


Sounds like all you need to keep the peace is a longer extension cord!!


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We have a couple of condos that when you plow them you basically split them up into two or three different "jobs" i guess the term would be. In our first year of plowing at both of these condos we had to go through some "training sessions" on how things where gonna work when the plow was in the lot. When we first started, people would just come out and start moving their cars, it didn't matter where the plow was or if we had just started plowing. After a couple of storms we finally got it through to them that we would clear an area, then they could move their cars and we would do the parking spaces, then they could move back and we'd continue onto the next area of the lot.

It only took a little bit of yelling and such to bring them into line. Now it's extremely easy to tell when you've got someone new in a condo.

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