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What is the easiest way to remove the hub/brake disc on a 1978 Chevy 4 wheel drive truck? I can't seem to figure out how the portion with the lug bolts separates from the disc.
I'd appreciate any help I can get.

first off go geta manual for the truck it will help soooo much

the whole assm hub and rotor i believe is a press fit to the knuckle you will need to use sledge and chisle the rotor is fixed to the hub by the lugs you need to punch them out from the back

put on one lug nut and tap it through

check other replies but 90% sure on "hub" removal


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Do not sledge hammer the rotor. The lug bolts are pressed into the disk, to remove the disk, remove the lock out hub assembly, then purchase or borrow a socket that will fit the spindle nuts inside. The socket will look like a piece of pipe with 1/2 drive on the back, and small square pieces welded to the inside of the front section of the socket. Anyway it fits the spindle nut that is round with keyways on notched into it.
Ok once you remove the spindle nuts, then the rotor should slide off the spindle. The only truck that uses a 2 piece rotor is the 4x4 dually. Check the bearing while it is off, and replace the seals.

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