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HTS on 2500?

Discussion in 'Western Plows Discussion' started by jerseydrew, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. jerseydrew

    jerseydrew Senior Member
    from jersey
    Messages: 232

    thinking of upgrading my rig and don't want to lose a bunch on stepping up my plow right now. can i run the HTS on a 2500? i know western will not warranty it but i am out of warranty now.
  2. 2006Sierra1500

    2006Sierra1500 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,758

    I wouldn't I'm leery of running my HT on my Yukon let alone my 2500HD.
  3. jerseydrew

    jerseydrew Senior Member
    from jersey
    Messages: 232

    my brain hurts trying to figure out what you mean! taking a light weight plow that is used for a 1500 (and i have used for 3 years with zero issues) and thinking of using it on a 2500 that is beefier truck should be no problem other then i am not sure if there are any physical characteristics of the HTS that would not work well with the bigger truck.
  4. durafish

    durafish PlowSite.com Addict
    from 02919
    Messages: 1,092

    i think he means the truck is too big for the plow.....
  5. mishnick

    mishnick 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,353

    The HTS will certainly work on your 2500 but you will need to be gentle when pushing it as the HTS is a very light plow. That being said you can switch that plow between different trucks as long as they both have ultra-mount and fleet flex two plug hook up. The HTS does have a different mount adapter as I recall and it only has one landing leg. You will need to get a different vehicle mount for your 2500 and probably a new headlight harness.
  6. 2006Sierra1500

    2006Sierra1500 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,758

    Yeah, what I meant was the plow is almost too light duty for my Yukon. I wouldn't think of running it on a 1500 pickup, and running it on an HD? Not a smart idea.
  7. mishnick

    mishnick 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,353

    The idea may not be the best but it will work. If I were in his situation I would do it and then upgrade the plow when I had the cash. If he doesn't plow like a wild man it won't be a problem.
  8. basher

    basher PlowSite Fanatic
    from 19707
    Messages: 8,993

    Depends on the operator. You won't be able to use the truck to it's fullest capacity and I'd be VERY leary of stacking. You will be putting a lot more mass behind the plow then it was designed for.
  9. xgiovannix12

    xgiovannix12 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,433

    I would go with a 7 foot unimount or ultramount and thats small for a 3/4 ton.

    I run an 8 footer on my 2500.
  10. mishnick

    mishnick 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,353

    I am sure Jersydrew would love to put an approprate plow on his 2500 but he says "don't want to lose a bunch on stepping up my plow right now" The question was "can i run the HTS on a 2500?" Bottom line answer is yes.
  11. Zrxpilot

    Zrxpilot Member
    Messages: 34

    I did it (still have it) and here is my review of the whole deal.

    It works. I have two driveways I take care of. Both of them about 600-800 feet long with a small parking lot at the end.

    It works. It does not however do it great. I have a couple beefs and none are related to it being an HTS on a 2500. Having a 7-6 plow is too narrow. I cant get the corners of my drive way to look nice (forget if its inside or outside) but the tires end up running wider than the plow in corners.

    The single kickstand is a nuisance. The ultra lightweight is a nuisance (cant just drive it in...it moves the plow before it seats all the way into the receivers). I always have this "process" of jacking it around either up or down to get it seated into the receivers. Its probably me being a newby but ive had this thing for two years and used it at least 10 times. You would think I would have gone thru the learning curve by now.

    It seems the 2500 is too low for some reason. When I drop the plow to unhook it...it doesn't just slide out. It does but tilts forward (away from the truck) leaving the pointy end of the plow a big higher than the recievers. It seems like another hole for the kickstand would help but then the hook wouldn't fit right. I don't know. I just do what I have to do to get it on there and be happy I have a plow.

    Actual plowing is fine. I go slow and have the luxury of knowing my property. I am however a little skeptical of doing other persons driveway as I think hitting a frozen brick, log, stump...whatever is going to fold this thing up rather quickly.

    Why did I get it? Because I didn't have a ton of money (got mine installed for 3200 used) and wanted a shiny plow.

    The nice thing as others have said is that you can upgrade rather easily. I have been told that pretty much any newer western (I think the headlights are a clue?) will fit with no further modifcations required.

    That being said, you could potentially trade in your plow for a different plow.

    Or you could simply buy someone elses plow...see that it works and then try to sell your HTS with no wiring or mounts.

    Take a guess how I know this.

    Looking back, I wished I would have bought a pro plus right out of the gate. Would have been less than 1500.00 more than I paid for my HTS that will probably take me forever to sell.
  12. nealybird

    nealybird Senior Member
    Messages: 750

    very interesting and informative post! thanks for taking the time to update everyone on your findings.

    btw, the thing to look for to determine if another plow will use all the same wiring and control would be that if the plow has the 'fleet flex' wiring. MVP+'s , Wide-outs, and that HTS have been fleet flex since they came out, so all of those plows would be. The new MVP3's and Prodigy's that just came out this year also are, of course, plus any straight plows that were just built this year would be.

    The distinguishing features would be the small 4 pin connector on the control, the motor relay is out on the power unit instead of under the hood, only two plugs at the grill.
  13. Zrxpilot

    Zrxpilot Member
    Messages: 34

    Some new thoughts on this. With the HTS on my 2500 HD, all I had to do was put the plow on it and run it. No ballast, no Timbrens, no cranking up of the torsion bars. The though of doing any of that never occured to me.

    How do i know this? Just made the leap this weekend of jumping up to a brand new 8.5 V and the the painfull realization of this hit me like a rock. I now have to run 6-700lbs of sandbags in the back radically reducing my box capacity (as I have to take all that out if I want to haul anything this winter), spend another couple hundred on timbrens and get my torsion bars cranked up that is probably going to mess with my now-perfect truck height when pulling my 5th wheel.

    I am still glad that switched up but think perhaps I took too big of a jump up. Perhaps a pro series 2 would have been a better choice.

    It seems for the non-pro guy that does a few driveways for beer money, a 600lb plow would be the ticket. The HTS is a big light and narrow but putting on a contractor grade plow changes the program significantly.

    Time will tell. New v sure looks baddass.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2013