Hows this for a bad day? Cracked Frame 07 Chevy

Discussion in 'Blizzard Plows Discussion' started by PetalsandPines, Jan 31, 2011.

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    Got an 04 blizzard 810 on my 2007 chevy truck (3500 dually duramax/allison) and noticed the plow seemed to be a little lower than normal for the last few weeks.....well today i fork lifted the truck up just to take a look and the main lift cylinder end was worn down so far that the dogears holding it in were coming i started driving down the street and the end finally snapped off and the plow dropped...ok turned around and lifted the plow up with the forklift and put the emergency third pin in and lowered it just to have the plow hit the ground again.....hmmm?? so i just folded in the hook, put the pin in and let the weight of the plow push up against the crossbeam to get to dealer....well go to pick up the truck......everything fixed on plow??? yep...plow works great...but you may want to sit down for this one....why ??? Your truck frame is cracked half way through on both sides of truck (in the same spot on both sides in the typical spot behind the control arm) WTF????? am i supposed to do now....its a only has 50,000 miles on it. My route is only 3 hrs long and i dont abuse this thing so what recourse do i have?
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    Fix it. I had my 85 chevy frame crack in half right at the horns near the shocks on both sides. It was so bad I could not even steer it. Cracked literally in half. I pulled the motor, lined the frame up, welded it, plated it and then boxed it in. Did this in one weekend. I plowed 5 years after that without any problems. Many here will tell you that you cannot weld on a frame bla bla bla. I have been there done that and if you do it right the repair will last.
    Good luck. Keep us posted.



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    Im just shocked....this thing is only a few years old when i raise the plow i can stick two fingers in the crack!!!

    yeah...maybe that doesn't sound right?
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    Chevy frames esp. plowing are prone to crack. It started way back when in the early 80's at the power steering box and frame horns as mine shown above. Chevy has just carried on the tradition to the modern day truck to crack in a different area that's all.
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    it can be repaired,we just did one,same thing,upper control arm rear along weld for fitting.find a good welder or drive to mass and use my guy.
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    If the plow manufacturers would of continued to supply frames that go from the harness to underneath the cab of the truck, none of this would of happened. They discontinued it cuz one manufacturer got away from it and their sales continued. Happened to me on a 93 Chev 2500 I welded up the frame covered it with undercoating. Made a support for the plow harness running from the original Diamond frame with a 2x4 steel beam running to a frame I built under the cab. Plowed with it for years until I wore out the transfer en sold it
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    Typical GM truck with a car frame. Buy a real truck with a truck frame...FORD.

    It is always perplexing that people have problems like this, research it and find it is a problem everyone has with a brand, and then go out and purchase another one. How many time does one need to be kicked in the nuts before they move? LOL
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    Ford's crack too dumb ass.

    If you would have looked in the Chevy forum you would see a thread for installing gussets behind the upper control arm. One you do that problem fixed. Chevy had them in from the factory on some HD models prior to 06, but for some dumb reason discontinued them.
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    There was anote that the GMC versions had gussets installed by factory/ chevy no
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    Could be right, my GMC has them.

    CT-TILEMAN Member
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    As long as that real truck has the 7.3 in it, the gas motors have no balls and the 6.0 is a turd.


    Mine isn't cracked, but I have a GMC..........:cool:
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    I have an 03 & an 09 Silverado with the 6.0 engine & I have no problem plowing with either of them. Although I like the 03 better. The 09 is built so cheap! I backed into a steel pole plowing last year, about a 15' hit & it wrinkled the whole bed side! There is no corner bracing on the rear bumper which they had for years! I don't know how people can buy these diesel trucks that go for 50K & drive them every day for pleasure. I was always told diesel were'nt any good for plowing because of the constant stop & go motion. I know they have a lot more power, but they can't be cheap to operate or maintain.

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    10 qt oil changeevery 4-5K miles and a fuel filter change every 15K miles is the only maintenance the duramax needs.

    The stop and go doesn't seem to bother them ?

    Mine pushes snow without any trouble.
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    I don't think the 07 with a diesel is an approved application for a plow, let alone a 1000 lb 810 Blizzard. That engine is 900 lbs. heavier than the gas engine, and I think the FGAW is 4300. Hate to say it, but to many guys buy diesels and can't put plows on them.

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    GM built it with a snow plow prep package, it came off the dealer lot with a Fisher "V" on it.

    The engine is not 900 lbs more than a gasser, the duramax has an iron block and aluminum heads, it is heavier but no where near 900 lbs.

    This link shows the weight at 835 lbs

    A small block 6.0 or a big block 8.1 can't be lighter than 700 lbs, so we are only 200 +/- lbs heavier,

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    The frames come from the same place, no difference between them.
  17. fatharley

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    That was one thing I always thought about the diesel trucks to was the weight issue. You have to take in to consideration of the allison trans, compared to the 4L80E or the current trans, not sure of the code. I run a Tornado slide in poly spreader, which I can load with 2000 lbs of salt. Don't get me wrong I would love to have a duramax under the hood, but I just don't see the savings compared to gas.I worked as a GM tech for 26 years before I got into lawn care & snow removal, I've removed a couple of the allison trans & they are a beast to handle!
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    What have you been smoking there Sharpcut? Whatever it is I don't want any part of it.You can put a plow on our Dmax's except for a CC,go look it up as the proof is that you will see a plow prep option there.Second,the Dmax alone weighs in at app.950 lbs,app. 200 lbs. more than a small block gasser.Third,the FAWR is 4800 lbs,not 4300.Lastly,how many pics would you like to see to prove your last sentence incorrect?
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    You want to hear savings fatherley? My old 88 V30 used to use 60-70 gallons of gas for my 8-10 hour plowing/salting route. 350 gasser,Turbo 400 tranny.My 06' Dmax on the same exact route now uses app. 18 gallons of diesel.Why? Very simple--any diesel engine designed for low RPMs has significant torque and will generate much more inherent power than a comparable [cubic '' to cubic ''] sized gasser engine.In other words it's not working as hard and at a lower RPM to achieve the same results.Thus not only the fuel savings,lower maintenance costs,but also longevity.As for your comment about a diesel isn't good for stop and go motion,that's just plain absurd.Been going back and forth,back and forth with my backhoes,loaders, and dozers for 37 years now and have never had an engine go south on me yet.
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    My 05 F350 must be a real turd then... Double whammy having a trouble free V10 with more power and torque than the beloved 7.3, and the frame had to be repaired in December due to a crack after swinging an 8611lp for 5 years... Yep, they're all junk... :rolleyes:

    Now for some constructive commentary for the OP. Take it to a reputable frame shop in your area and have it fixed. They'll grind out the crack, weld it, then gusset the frame. Mine only set me back $300 to fix the drivers side, as well as plating the passenger side frame rail in the same spot as a preventative measure. Good luck, its really not as big of a deal as it seems! Thumbs Up