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    I run those Grabber tires now on my plow truck and they are good in snow I would stud them if your doing any long country drives as they need the extra traction for packed snow and ice. However studs are hard on paved drives when spinning tires.
    If doing city drives you will want one of these. they are made in PEI and made light enough for half ton trucks.
    One of those truck blowers and a couple honda blowers 3 guys can clear 60 driveways/ storm no problem.
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    Thanks man. Really appreciate the words.

    Damn that blower plow is insanely...I just financed a 9g midweight lol. Maybe sell it for cash and buy that next year!!!!

    Made in PEI wow can’t belive we haven’t seen them , an island over. So gangster.

    I’m going to get a blower but it’s not gonna be heavy duty....I want something light and quick.....I have an 30” but needs work , throttle cable snapped...pull start gone, only one or two gears I gotta fight with. Shear pins snapping all the time, home owner jobby...

    I’d drop $500 on something to strap to back rack or my low rear rack as shown In pick on top of my counter weight.

    It’s pretty much free for all here...clear the berm, back drag front of car, move car, and clear driveway and push up to any mountain you can find ....I think I could take a lot more calls with my two laborers and give them a blower ......

    We got a lot of wet snow coming so blower won’t throw too far......I may as well finance a Good blower if I’m getting into the business ......

    We have onstreet parking here and in row house areas they are plowed in ny city’s plows and they need to be hand shoveled , and need spades and ice choppers . So I’m gonna give it my all. I don’t want my laborers running a machine especially if it’s not brand new and they have no experienced.

    I wants it light so I can lift it in and out quickly and easily. Not intersted in rammps.

    Shingles plus snowblower as ballast....

    I wish I could do it all with a truck....but there’s money to be made by taking the jobs with blowers and shovelers plows can’t take..

    Is there any issue with getting snow behind plow when back dragging? Only if it’s on top hey ? Under neath shouldn’t be bad?
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    Ive never got stuck back dragging. only sometimes when pushing straight ahead with lots of snow and blade comes up on its own and snow comes around behind and your shoveling.
    Keep a couple good shovels for digging out the truck just in case. A good long tow strap from princess auto is helpful toofor you or others to pull with. A 20 foot set of heavy booster cables for stopping to help others or yourself.
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    doing a few free driveways and help those with a shovel in there hands will go a long ways in spreading the word of your service. have some of your roofing cards on hand to pass out with phone numbers. I love being able to help people in need and has always paid off for me.
    If some of your driveways have culvert watch for head wall and retaining walls do not push against them at anytime!
    do not get too close to garage doors with deep snow or you will push door in even with blade up all the way
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    Thanks again Hershey!
    Just got
    1x 14ft 9000lb(9) tow rope for now
    2 10l gas cans I will keep filled in a job box up against the cab/rack
    1 spade shovel this will fit in job box too ( I have two other great regular shovels)
    2 x good rubber straps for strapping any objects in bed

    I bought 2 compact heavy duty tote boxes which we’re only 12.99each
    Considering Canadian tire wanted $24-34 for cheap 189l ones, these ones aren’t that big, but they are very square and strong.
    I put 5 x 10kg of bags of traction sand in each one for now - 220lbs. I didn’t have time To grab 4 bundles of shingles to lay down as a base underneath the tote set + Adding 280lbs.

    Im all about being a good person and doing the free pushes when possible. And keeping the cards handy is perfect, I don’t need to get new ones, the backs are blank so I can jot some info on it for them if necessary for them to remember I’m the plow guy too!

    Also, what you said about the road side service element, I was already thinking of this so I’m all over it, especially with you,suggesting it!
    I had a personal experience my Dakota went off a back road in middle of BF no where on feb 14 ,hit Ice under snow with my woman and went in a ditch. Luckily a guy property management guy was coming up the Road. Seen us, and hopped out and threw a tow rope from his bed and I hooked it Under the rear of the truck and he pulled us Out, all the while being on his phone the entire time , the only interaction was handing me his business card!
    No charge.
    We would have been there a long time and we didn’t have proper clothing or know exact location !!!

    SO with that, I’ll be offering services....

    I’m not too big on offering Boost from my personal vehicles. Never really was confident enough to do it,....I might consider just getting a extra battery or some emerging boost system.......

    If you think the long cables are a Good idea , I will do it, it’s a necessary evil in this cold weather, battery’s get drained. . . .i remember looking under my Hood on the 2016 and the battery is boxed in pretty well. I don’t see any terminals.

    And thanks, I’ll watch out for retaining walls and any landscaping.

    I really want to do this properly. I hope I’ll be able to google map the property before plowing , on the way and determine any issues. But still being careful as people may have Donne construction after most recent google maps. Lol!

    I Am going to make a page for every customer and list all the identified trouble spots, determine where to put snow and where not too.
    Write down anything to help for the next plow.

    I would like to even draw an aerial view image of the property.

    Pretty much keep a full ledger for everything.

    *I’ve still got to get either a back up camera, or back up light.....and most likely a emergency light for the top....*

    It’s a lot to do out of pocket especially since my flow has completely stopped for close to a month. So all this stuff I just bought today is sunk costs.

    I’m not high on confidence right Now BUT I know I have a reliable vehicle which is 200% serviced top knotch, just put in some work replacing a rearm shock and trailing arms ,bushings were shot.
    And i know the plow is going to be fireworks lol

    So, just got to hit the button on social media and make it public.

    I know what the value of my service is, i know people do it for cheap with no insurance and they may have experience, so I can’tt charge what i necessarily want, but I’ll do it the same way I do my roofing bids. I learned the hard Way and know I can do a third of the workload, charge a bit more and earn the same a set someone doing 2x As much work for a third of the price lol.
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    WELL, it’s a go!
    We have a dangerous blizzard coming, upwards 90cm , 135kmph Winds. Lasting 2days , all Friday early Morning through till Saturday day still high winds gusts of 90km Saturday.

    Got My plow on.

    I ended up going with 220lbs of Sand in 10kg bags in totes, and 4 bags of 30kg 3/4 crushed stone! 1 in each tote and one each infront of totes to keep in place.

    I did my first bit of plowing tonight, plow wasn’t ready from distributor til after dark. Got a 2 minute tutorial, up down left right, how to unhook blade and connectors.........

    I did my property and swept up and widened driveway. .. . . . I actually read the manual and learned few things afterwards. It Actually explains how to plow driveways and scenarios. . . .i imagine a lot is experience and feel.

    So, here’s shE be...y’all obviously seen a western plow before. Here’s another.[​IMG]
    I’ve taken only 3 contr@cts so far out of a good possible 10-15 . Only because of the weather forecast , and my inexperience . One of my quotes told me theyd pay me double If I could guarantee them lol . . . They must know the way the snow drifts....

    The other two didn’t even ask cost, I just said it will Be determined after snow fall...I will have to make a few passes throughout storm if visibility allows. They all (3) said they will continue to use me in future.
    A lot of the potential jobs were requiring snowblowers ...I did suggest in my ad that if necessary a snowblower is @AVAILABLE but I have two shovelers

    I’ve got light for the top in the works , hopefully tomorrow.

    Going to have to learn fast...

    **** questions***
    Will I be plowing in 2wd till i get stuck then 4x4 and turn off overdrive ? I really hate using 4lo....especially on tight streets having To Reverse and turn around a whole lot. Please advise me if I should be in 4lo. . .

    The western has a security lock function for the control l should I enable this?

    The smooth stop is Enabled automatically. Should I consider learning the reasons and times to disable this ? I think i have Ann understanding and I won’t be that precise too soon .

    And also the one button float . It is automatically disabled... imguessing this drops the blade to ground with one tap.
    For faster transitions when coming out of reverse......

    I’m not trying to win any races but this sounds good other than slammimg plow on floor.

    . . .. another real question......when I’m dropping the plow should i do it in increments or just drop the blade?

    And , is it okay to turn the blade while in float and doing a push ? Say, snaking it around , is that tough on the hydraulics or is that what it’s made for?

    Any more tips and tricks feel free to drop em
    Clearing driveways. Chip,away at it , deep snow l raise the blade 3-4” and skim the top with half blade to 1/3 ? Each direction until a full blade can be done.
    Here is our weather statement , updated to 90cm lol

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    Don't use 4lo. Plow in 2wd if you can, if not use 4hi

    Only if you are worried about someone stealing your plow if you unhook it somewhere.

    I shut smooth stop off as I don't want my plow still drifting after I let go. Personal preference of course.

    I use one touch float. Just want to tap down and go as 95% of the time, you want the balde down and in float. If you have it off, you have to hold the down button for a couple seconds to get float. In one touch, If you need to stop it part way down, click down, then bump up on the way down and it will stop.

    Slamming the blade will knock the stuck snow off your molboard. If it is slamming to hard, adjust your quill and you can slow it down. But yes, just drop it.

    Once blade is in float, it is fine to angle the blade left and right.
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    Thanks for taking the time.


    Dropped the blade last night in driveway after some light use.

    Came out today and noticed a few drops of Blue hydraulic fluid on the blade and in snow.

    SO . I used It a bit on the street plowing. After a half hour or so I noticed some blue in the snow after a puush to a Bank.

    When finished, a half hour on my street. I b@cked into driveways, dropped blade. Came out and inspected the unit,

    There was snow on hoses that had blue Fluid stains, some stains on the blade. AND the bottom of box/motor felt like fluid.

    It wasn’t ALOt. . . .but I don’t imagine it should be leaking any on brand new set up.

    Is it possible it is over filled fluid being pushed out?
    I understand it’s a closed system so no fluids should come out,
    I traced one hose up to box and the clamp felt slippery.

    Should i check the levels of fluid ?

    Should I not use it and bring it to the dealership ASAP????
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    Put you hands on every hydraulic line fitting. The fluid could be over fill but you want to be sure. If the plow transitioning from left to right /right left is bouncing around or if you can lift the blade and push it to where the cylinders collapse, you have air in the line or you have a hydraulic fluid leak. If you lift the blade and move to either side and push hard toward truck on the ends and cant budge the blade then you re likely ok. You can always take anew to plow to the dealer as well.. Also I would turn off the soft stop. That works by opening the angle valves a hair allowing fluid to flow. You dont need it and you really don't want it.
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    Thanks man

    I will trouble shoot these now.

    I do this lift and push trouble shoot when the truck is off and plow dropped completly right?

    I will try and lift the blade and push it in to the left or the right and hope its very stiff and I can't get any play right?

    I never lost any mobility from the system . But there is definitely leakage.

    It's currently a state of emergency outside and dark out so I may not be able to go check until tomorrow. I hope it isn't any sort of slow leak and it drained and I am stuck. . . .

    The distributors are a mechanic shop and they installed it. They would clearly be responsible for trouble shooting and repairing any issues hey? I cant imagine it being serious. I hardly used it what so ever last night aside from a few pushes of remnant snow from a snow fall a week before in my driveway .

    I am beginning to think this is going to be a common maintenance issue . 2 year warranty So hopefully they have Time to remedy this 100%> ..I would like to learn the hydraulic troubleshooting my self .. . If it wasn't in the middle of a storm .

    Is it possible it's anything from the cold temperatures and brand new hoses fittings not tightened after factory install like should everything be tightened up once a new install is on? ? It's been below zero . Feels like -22 not sure exact temp. Definitely -7 or -10c
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    Welcome Cali, nice plow truck wish ya luck !.. Ck. your fluid level/ fittings, just a thought over fill on fluid and coming out the vent/breather ?? Ck. your manual to see if u have one ? Cheers :drinkup:
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    Damn I forgot to mention,

    I also got a low battery indicator while I was out plowing for the firs time today. I checked the battery level It didn’t show low.

    Is this something to look into?
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    Ive found some suggestions to help against the draw. . .

    I don’t think I can get a aftermarket alternator right away.

    But possibly a higher end battery or even a second one on hand might Be necessary.
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    My Snowex I believes uses a vented cap and you don't want to overfill. My issue with fluid was a leaking valve connection on a the right side ram. Was loose from the dealer. It was overfilled as well. If you do have any movement by hand where it is loosy goosy then you find the leak and / or have to bleed the system. Best way to bleed it is too get the truck up high enough to where the blade will drop below normal grade. Some folks put the truck nose down on a hill. Then all you do is left, right, up, down a few times... and with the soft stop off it should tighten up and you wont be able to collapse the plow get just a tad of wiggle on end stops.

    I had a Snowdogg on an 04Ram 1500 standard cab. It was a snow moving beast for driveways. I had one year where the battery light came on and ended up having to put a new one in. There are ways to add a second but I never had to do that.
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    Chain lift , forget the question
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    We are Day two of city of emergency.
    Illegal for private plows to be on the road.
    Gonna Clear out around my truck and trouble shoot.
    Thanks guys
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    Hey guys!!
    Got dug out .
    Toook some photos of fluid on the pump and system. That was frozen into the snow around one of the main hoses.

    I was able to fire up the truck and lift the plow up down and left right a couple times.

    Checked it after and no new leakage. . .. it’s probably frozen around the fittings .

    Check It out. Hopefully tighten a few hoses .....too covered to do any trouble shooting . Getting dark again now.

    If any of you can identify what these spots terminology are that’d be helpful. I do have the manual lol
    That is main spot there that seems to be leaking
    This photo shows thr left side with more fluid

    Anyone feel like breaking down a few pieces of this to me would be great.
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    That's crazy talk. No private plows :dizzy:
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    lol I wish it was crazy talk. Read second line
    Fines of $1000 just for bein on the road inn any vehicle.

    The army has been called in. Asking for federal help.

    Until,the streets are cleared By municipal plows . It’s not fit. Hahahaha. Any suggestions on fluid leak.?
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    hopefully u have bread, milk ... an :drinkup: