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    hailing from east coast Canada.

    I’m a seasonal roofer in the summer months.

    I invested in a 2016 ram quad can 5.7l in November 2017.

    I have been researching for last two years about hanging a plow on the truck
    I want to be starting up a new business in residential snow clearing, for the first season -2020 - I will be just contacting my roofing customers for clients and residential property’s next the immediate area to reduce travelling.

    I settled on a Western Midweight , with a 2”levelling kit.

    I don’t plan on doing 18 hour + marathons and destroying my truck ,
    As I’ll need it for the summer roofing season . . . .

    I am hoping to learn lots of tips and advice Fromm this forum to take care of my truck.

    I plan on plowing slow, taking my time , I’m not looking to get rich over night. But simply learn the tricks of the trade and how to plow properly ....

    And the following 2121 season, I will purchase a older style plow trucker 3/4 ton or something that is more so designed for full time plowing.....and further advance my snow clearing business..

    Hope to see you all around the forum and talk lots.

    I know a lot of you don’t advise the 1/2 as a plow truck. Especially the newer models.....I have made my decision. . . . .

    I loooked around for smaller plows , but I couldn’t find much . . .but the western Midweight was sold to me with no issues and said to be perfect for a half ton.

    Plow is going on in next 3-4 days.....levelling kit being installed there any other things a can do to lessen the impacts off plowing? Thansk

    I will repost in appropriate threads as well.

    Newfoundland Canada
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    Welcome ! No advice ,yet !
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    Good luck.
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    Welcome, You made your decision on the 1/2 ton. You will be fine, keep the plow off when you got a break from snow. Don't take it on any road trips, meaning like a hour trip save you some wear and tear. Make sure you got ballast in your truck bed.
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    Best investment is a good set of winter tires on your truck; save you lots of headaches down the road.
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    Thanks everyone!!
    I have some good tires on there now! Just picked them up for the winter..GENERAL GRABBER tm stx .. ...They may be all season actually....but I won’t be using them other than winter as I have summer tiresactually asked a plow salesman a few months before I’f that’s something important And he just said he assumed you would want an good set of tires . Lol.happy to have it confirmed.

    Also, thanks Fred g - I will be sure to avoid long unnecessary trip with blade.

    Ballast in the bed
    Well my new friend friend. You just saved me a lot of heart ache and probably embaressment!

    do I want to match the same weight in ballast as the plow and mount ?

  7. EWSplow

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    Same counterweight as the plow is a good start. Probably all you may need. Put it in your box like figure D.
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    you want counterweight not ballast.

    Picture D is showing counter weight.
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    Hey guys.
    I know this is just the introduction section of forum so I will wrap it up with one last round of discussion :)

    Thanks Phil, much appreciated . .. I’ve read a few discussions on ballast and counter weight, I will have to roam a bit more to educate myself .
    Okay, so I think I am going to either use equal amount of bundles of shingles for counter weight, about 70lb a bundle.....they are easy to move in and out of rear of tail gate when using vehicle for travel. . . . OR / And maybe a few 20kg bags of salt . . . . The bundles of shingles are compact and heavy . . . .thr salt or sand I can use if needed ....

    I will have them behind the axel . This is the correct way to counter balance the plow on the front end ? About 472lbs I believe the current western midweight is.
    I would like to frame a box as I saw on a YouTube video Just stop the bundles From ever floating around, or worse blowing out the tailgate ....

    How far back from the rear axle do I want the counter weight ?

    They told me a levelling kit is all I will need at the spring shop . I asked if there was any other upgrades I could do to alleviate suspension issues. They said the 2”kit would suffice the load on the front.

    I read stuff about upgrading / modding transmission stuff and a few other things to avoid issues..
    EDIT - upgrading alternator and upgrading to a after market tranny cooler ????

    Is this something to consider?

    Is my electrical system going to suffer from the output To plow? Lol
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    Don't worry about going off topic, as most threads do.
    Put the weight behind the wheel wells, as close to the tailgate as possible.
    I've humped shingles up a ladder, so I know how heavy they can get and they should work. I'd say 500# should be enough weight in most cases, but up to1000# can be better.
    Having some sand isn't a bad idea as it can be used if you lose traction.
    The extra tranny cooler is a good idea. If you have a tow package, you might already have one. Hopefully you have a tranny temp gauge you can keep an eye on.
    A higher amp alternator is a good idea, as well as a battery with reserve amperage.
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  11. OP

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    Okay . Thanks for the detailed reply.

    I have a buddy who is a car guy so I will speak to him about who to go to or where to go to check out getting those mentioned upgrades.

    The 2016 ram has a dash display that you can cycle through and get to a display for transmission temperature. So that would probably work for keeping an eye on the temp.

    No I don’t have a tow package that I know about. Pretty sure just stock everything, I tow a 5x8 enclosed trailer in summer.

    I’ll have to investigate what the tranny cooler is exactly

    The higher amp alternator is something I can probably figure out easily.

    And the battery with reserve amperage is another thing I’ll have to source from a local distributor most likely.


    Can’t wait to start checking out the rest of the forum!
    Cheers everyone.
  12. OP

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    2” lift kit done!
    Waiting on the final parts for the western midweight for the ram that had to be sent in via boat. . .few days delayed.....already had 5 large snow events since before Christmas!
    I hope they keep coming!!
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    Hey my friend

    So what is an ideal temperature for a transmission to be at ?
    And what temperature should I be hanging back and just idle until she cools down ? Or is thhere a quicker way to cool down?

    I think it’s give to me more Celsius in my truck. Seems to Be at around 45-60 just regular driving , no plow heavy working , just looked while out today.

    I heard something along the lines of two types of transfer cases...chain maybe? And something else? One of which is notorious for ******* up when combines with plowing,...this may be too little info for your to offer insight on.

    So I read about western,......apparently I get a controller with buttons or a joystick, says I have a choice in the panthlet distributor mentioned nothing’s.....I guess they, stick me with either or......should I request a certain one? The controller with buttoms seems better to me,....

    Talk soon,
  14. EWSplow

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    I think you're okay if you can keep the tranny temp below 65*C. I never see much difference between normal driving and plowing, maybe 25*F higher tops.
    I don't know much about dodge transmissions, or western plows. The last dodge I owned had a western plow, but I sold it in the early 90s.
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    Well last thing,...
    Lol our winters are probably a bit more intense then what you see..
    And there’s probably no such thing is taking it easy when it comes to our frequent events of 30-50cm with high winds 70-100+ km/ph making drifts.....

    Our populated areas houses are cookie cutters that are lucky if not a shared driveway on the side.

    So after snow fall, and city plows go by over night, there is a 4ftx5ft berm at foot of everyone driveways.

    That’s what I’ll be dealing with . To remove those Berms and find somewhere to put the snow and stack it.......a lot of guys stack it on sidewalks in front of house they are doing and leave it there. OR. The following houses city walkway in front of there property. ( THEN the city sidewalk plows h@ve to come by with huge sidewalk auger machines to clean the sidewalks and they spit all this berm snow and salt and dirt and gravel onto home owners lawnsj

    There is really nothing you can do about it when you get 30 cm + x 5 events in 10 days.. . . . SNowblowers for home, owners work well for throwing snow far and managing piles. But then there are neighbours with plows pushing snow wherever they want across the street onto city pathways and all the snowbanks at foot of everyone’s driveway is 6-7 ft high and it’s only jan 11.

    So I’m going to be getting calls for removing this snow with no where to put it.......I’m going to have to take my time and probably take the snowbanks down a bit and ramp it up......

    I’ve got a lot of learning to do! Luckily I’ve got my own 60ft driveway x9ft , it starts as a joined driveway with neighbour then 10-12 ft in a fence divides us and my driveway keeps going back to my garage anencephaly cuts to the right , right I hope I can make a pile to the far left and hopefully make thr turn to the right and push it onto the lawn out back. I might have To cut the steps off my deck for the winter hahahaha if would make it dump zone I will

    So check out my street...This is a quiet of city is pretty busy probably a little tighter.

    Luckily I AM in a school zone, so those city’s side walk plow m@chmes are mandatory after snow events anyway, nut instead of the regular ones for just snowfall accumulation, they need the badass ultra auger machine lol because the regular one I’ve seen get stuck and almost tip over when hittin rocked up perma ice blocks from plow.
    MY driveway , the front end., I might make that low pile at the front push in and pile that’s properly further back when I get the plow
    You can also see the neighbours across steeet sns height of piles next to cars. No we’re to stack snow
    And here’s is neighbours to left and all that extra high pile is Fromm the single driveway on left neighbour who plows his snow onto my lawn or sidewalk infront of my house then sidewalk auger spits it on top of my lawn. lol
    I like to say I’ll be a better plower . But there is just no where to put the snow,
  16. EWSplow

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    It looks like you need to get creative with stacking.
    A V plow might have been a better option.
    Looks like a jeep with a V plow would be better.
    More of a blower job?
  17. OP

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    Yea....bit late for that, plow financed lol....slowly going to build up customer base and learn some creative tricks.

    Most people just want the berm if I can take it out with small cuts at a time with plow , I’ll have to put it on sidewalks too..

    I guess I’ll have to find some sub commercial jobs ...... but I’m not interested in that for this year.....

    I will probably have to take two laborers with me and a snow blower and drop them while I do plowable ones...

    A Jeep for the height ?
    And can vs stack higher?

    Lol I’m going to have To get creative......
  18. OP

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    It also looks like that ballast might be a snow blower.

    I have another question.

    Where it was me mentioned the counterweight goes behind the axle
    Will this stil provide traction? Or will I need extra weight over axle for that?
  19. EWSplow

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    Jeep fits in tighter spaces.
  20. OP

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    Ahhhhh to bad.

    Just has truck in friend garage. Had a blown rear shock, got a new Monroe’s in, and apparent the trailing arm bushings were gone, got both them replaced shock.
    Day before a caliber seized and pads done in back and all breaks greased. Rust checked the truck to death, brake line, Tranmission lines, and greased n lubed every moving part.

    So , dropping truck off tomorrow evening at plow distributor and auto shop to install my plow first thing Thursday morning.

    Right in time, a 15-30 -45-60cm snow storm coming with 100kmph winds and then weather warming with possible chance in precipitation to rain.

    So heart attack snow gonna be out,...

    I’m Going to get thrown to the wolves!!!! No back up light......might have to grab something visibility with high winds.

    Luckily I have no contracts , just going to do clean up after the storm or half way, , storm starts Thursday night and will continue to Saturday